4 Reasons You Should Visit Southeast Asia At Least Once

terraced rice paddy southeast asia
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Millions of people descend on Southeast Asia every year, making it one of the most popular hot spots in the world. So, it’s easy to view it as a commercialized destination that is full of Europeans and westerners. It’s not what you want. You want untouched beauty and locals who are freaked out by white people!

Sure, there are plenty of locations in which to spend a perfect vacation. Even Canada is becoming more and more popular with Canadians as the demand for staycations rises. However, there is nothing like venturing overseas and experiencing a culture you have never seen, smelt, or tasted. That’s the first reason you should visit Southeast Asia at least once in your lifetime – the difference.

However, it’s not the only excuse. Despite the globalization of some of the region, the likes of Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam still have plenty to offer. Carry on reading to find out more.

Luxury On A Budget

Everybody enjoys the idea of luxury because it’s opulent and comfortable. Sadly, the price tag is enough to prevent the majority of ordinary travelers from indulging in room service or hiring a suite for a night. Just stick to hostel dorm rooms and free toast at breakfast! Although hostels are cool and form the basis of long-term trips, there’s nothing like privacy and a private bathroom.

In Southeast Asia, travelers can usually afford a rental in Sky Park, Cyberjaya or a night in a Hyatt in Bangkok because the prices are lower. As a result, it makes Southeast Asia the ideal place to relax and chill out if you spend months backpacking around the circuit and are exhausted.

Whether it’s a night or a week, you should find that the prices are relatively affordable. At least, they are compared to most places in North America!

Thailand Temple sunset
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Preserved Lifestyles

Yes, if you visit Khaosan Road in Thailand or Phnom Penh in Cambodia, you won’t get a sense of the history that dominates this incredible area. People and businesses have moved in and gentrified these towns and cities, making them similar to a lot of other places in the world. Still, if you’re willing to go off the beaten track, you’ll find exquisite customs from centuries past.

Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, is a prime example as it is packed with temples that preserve the history of this ancient country. Vietnam, once you leave the comfort of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, is an untouched landscape with paddy fields dotted in the marshes. The great thing is, you don’t have to search too hard to find what you’re after.

Hire a bike, strap on your helmet, and you’ll be cruising along the Mekong Delta watching local fish in no time.

The Wildlife

Nature is moving, and nothing is more stunning than wildlife. Canada has some fantastic creatures, and some you wouldn’t like to meet, but it doesn’t have the range of animals that the Southeast Asians are accustomed to. Yes, this means elephants!

Asian elephants are smaller than their African cousins, yet they are no less intimidating. As soon as you spot one trundling down the road, you’ll instantly fall in love with the region. And, there is more as peacocks show off their colors in the undergrowth and gibbons watch from their vantage points.

These are the common animals you can see. There are more lurking if you’re willing to go searching. For example, tigers are native to the continent, and a big portion of them are found in the jungles of Indonesia. The same goes for orangutans – there’s a sanctuary in Sumatra. Of course, nothing beats the Komodo Dragon that is only found on the island of Komodo.

komodo dragon nature in southeast asis
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The Variety

You haven’t read about the beaches and islands and the other things Southeast Asia is famous for since the ones you’re thinking about are tourist traps. Therefore, you probably don’t want to go and experience them filled with people. That’s fine – they are plenty more.

For instance, if Samui or Krabi doesn’t appeal, you can try the islands in the south of Thailand. Koh Lipe is beautiful and is relatively the same, especially in the low-season. Beach-wise, the Philippines has a plethora of golden sands and rugged coastline for you to choose from. Then, there is the food.

Regardless of your preference – curries, noodles, or fried rice –  you’ll find dishes that hit the spot. The cuisine alone is enough to make you go back yearly!

Southeast Asia isn’t what it once was, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredible. It is; you just have to look a little harder.

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