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Reconnect With Nature At Blue Mountain’s AGORA Path Of Light

Blue Mountain Agora Path of Light entrance
via Blue Mountain Resort

Like a lot of people these days, you’ve been spending way too many hours indoors sitting in front of your computer. Now you’re desperate for some downtime, but you want to spend it outside doing something interesting. Luckily, you only need to travel just 90 minutes outside of Toronto to Blue Mountain Resort to find a great opportunity to reconnect with nature and the indigenous community.

You’ll also discover the newest feature of AGORA, Armonia, which highlights nature’s keystone species from the smallest mushrooms to the predatorial wolf. All of these species are integral to the survival of their ecosystem. As you explore Armonia, you’ll be able to howl, stomp, and speak to nature using the language of light.

Blue Mountain Agora
via Blue Mountain Resort

You’ll start your journey in the Blue Mountain Village with a starlit Open-Air Gondola ride to the top of the Niagara Escarpment. You’ll then be able to follow along Blue’s newest trail feature, Timeline, which is lit for night viewing. Timeline tells the history of Blue Mountain from Jozo Weider’s arrival to today and is accompanied by a children’s story about Jozo. Both stories will lead you to the entrance of AGORA.

Your AGORA ticket will include one round-trip ride on the Open-Air Gondola as well as the Path of Light experience. You can see the outdoor show, located atop of Blue Mountain, each night from now to October 31st (weather and conditions permitting).

Whether you go alone, with friends or family, or with someone special, you’ll get some fresh air and exercise, have a thought-provoking experience, and, hopefully, leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

Learn more about Blue Mountain’s AGORA: Path of Light.

Blue Mountain AGORA light installation
via Blue Mountain Resort

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