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Is Your Relationship On The Rocks? 5 Signs To Watch Out For

Couple Relationship on the rocks

According to some studies, the longer you are together with someone, the less likely you are to break up. But we all know that not all relationships make it. 

Some relationships start off strong but slowly fizzle out over time. Others end abruptly, usually because one of the partners develops cold feet.

Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

Not all people cheat. But cheating is unfortunately pretty common. Thankfully, phone tracking technology makes it easy to flush out cheaters. 

Take the case of the Uber driver called Msixela. She released a series of viral Tweets in 2017 about how Uber’s GPS tracking allowed her to catch out on her cheating boyfriend. 

Because of a coincidence, she dropped a stranger off at the same place where her boyfriend was staying. Her Uber app, which can display someone’s phone location, allowed her to figure out that the unknown stranger was also her boyfriend’s lover! 

You can make purposeful use of smartphone tracking technology to find out if your partner is a cheat. This website shows you how to secretly track your partner’s phone if you want to know for sure.

How can you tell if a breakup is on the horizon? Here are 5 common signs to watch out for: 

#1 You don’t talk

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. When you can talk to your partner about anything and everything, your relationship is healthy. When they listen to you without judgment, without insulting you, you are doing extremely well.  

On the other hand, if you can’t talk to your partner or they don’t listen to you, then your relationship needs work. Some partners listen to you in the beginning, but then they stop. Sometimes they start talking to someone else. Is this your partner? 

#2 They are still “single” in their heads

Does your partner think in terms of “I” instead of “us”? Do they keep talking about themselves – their hopes and dreams – without including you in their plans? If that’s true, chances are they don’t really think of you as part of the team. In fact, to them, there is no team! 

Further, “single” people won’t think twice about dating someone else, maybe even behind your back. Does this sound like your partner? 

#3 The closeness isn’t there

When two people are in a relationship, they are close. They have each others’ backs, they know their partner’s darkest secrets, and care about their partner’s happiness. Does this describe your relationship? If it’s a resounding yes, we think there’s a marriage on the cards. 

If it doesn’t, your relationship is on the rocks.  Sometimes the intimacy is there in the beginning, but it dries up over time. Emotional distance is a major relationship killer.

#4 One partner is more invested than the other

Do you care about your partner? Does your partner care about you? If one of you is more invested than the other, your relationship is imbalanced. This is alright in the short-term. Imbalances are common and often disappear with time. 

However, if the imbalance has been there for a long time, it’s likely that the relationship is unhealthy for one of you. Also. they might be seeing someone else. A cell phone tracker might help you keep an eye on them. 

#5 There’s a fear of commitment

The new generation has a deep fear of commitment. 52 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds were single in 2004. This figure climbed to 64 percent in 2014. It’s very likely one of you – if not both – is afraid of committing. 

It’s okay to be afraid of commitment. Many people date multiple people and cheat on their partners because they’re afraid.  However, is one of you allowing the fear to get in the way of a rewarding relationship? If the answer is yes, there’s work to be done. 

What now?

Every relationship has its challenges. We think too many couples give up at the first sign of trouble. While not all relationships can be saved, many can be. Sometimes challenges are a test of your resolve. If you can stick it out, your dream relationship could be waiting on the other side.

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