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Filmmaker Ravi Steve Takes His Remix To Rio


Although most well-known for his work in TV, Ravi Steve’s true passion lies in his personal projects and films. Renowned as the director of the much acclaimed film The Escape, he puts forth another touching piece with his most recent film Remix to Rio–a journey lead only by dreams, hopes and pure inspiration.

Remix to Rio is a moving documentary about the power of youth around the world. Ravi follows a group of teens from Toronto who are ready to impact lives of the youth in Rio de Janeiro.

It all began with the Toronto based program, The Remix Project. This program was built to create a positive atmosphere for the at-risk youth in Toronto so they could grow artistically and culturally, eventually giving them a new beginning by helping them build the skills they need to succeed in the arts area of their choice (music, photography, etc.).

REMIX TO RIO, directed by Ravi Steve

Project creators Gavin, Drex and some of the students from the program in Toronto bring their resources and begin to create a similar program for the youth of Brazil. What starts off as a group of total strangers in Brazil, ends up as a close-knit, multicultural family powered by a passion for music. Ultimately, it proves that no matter what your age or culture, when we come together, we can make a difference.

FZ: What were the major differences (if any) that you saw between the teens from Toronto and the teens from Brazil?

RS: Toronto and Rio make an interesting comparison. All of the things that the young people of Toronto are dealing with are the same things the young people of Rio are dealing with. It is just a matter of scale. Both are dealing with violence, drugs, racism and sexism.  But in Rio everything has the volume turned WAY up.  It became really interesting when we realized that despite these conditions, many of these young people in Rio’s Favelas were happy, positive and productive. To see a young person with nothing build a program that saves hundreds of other kids is really humbling.

FZ: What message do you hope to impress upon those who view the film?

RS: I hope that people are inspired to do something positive in the world.  It’s really easy to feel held back by what you don’t have. That’s a trap. I hope people realize that you don’t need much; you just need to fight for it.

FZ: If you could sum up the trip to Brazil in three words, what would they be?

RS: Intense. Intense. Intense.

Watch the whole movie online here.

All photos courtesy of REMIX TO RIO.

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