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Friends Become Foes In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

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Captain America: Civil War sees friend turned against friend, Avenger vs. Avenger. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark go head-to-head when they can’t resolve their differences on whether the Avengers should be reigned in by a governing body, after another mission ends in collateral damage. Steve wants the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity on their own terms, but Tony surprisingly thinks it would be good for the team to have some accountability through government oversight.

There are many fresh faces in Civil War, since the Avengers started taking on new members with the last movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. I was happy to see that the cast is becoming more diverse. And equally awesome to see were the kickass female leads, capable of taking on any of their male counterparts.

tony's side

While some of the previous Marvel movies have focused on end-of-the-world destruction, this one dives into the group dynamic and starts plucking the strings that tie them all together until they begin to snap. It’s the emotional punches that hit the hardest in this film. Now don’t get me wrong, the action scenes were epic; full-scale fighting the whole way through. But that was made even more impactful when paired with the emotional tension. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been and the fractured team discovers there are some things you can’t take back.

Each character had a reason for picking their side, and as a viewer, you can understand why they chose what they chose. Which is what made it so difficult to pick favourites—and it’s also what made it so awesome. The entire way through, you’re at war with yourself, rooting everyone on, even though they’re fighting each other.

steve's side

The movie didn’t disappoint on their promise of civil war—the Avengers are facing the hardest foes they’ve ever come up against: each other. Get ready for a lot of anxiety over who’s going to win and whether this amazing team will be able to pull themselves back together before they tear each other apart.

The Rundown:

Comedy: This movie deals with a lot of heavy stuff—guilt, grief, global responsibility. But the comic relief was on point, coming in at all the right moments.

Action: It wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without large scale, mind-blowing action scenes. The fighting was better than ever since you really didn’t know who would win.

Relationships: Each character has to face the consequences of choosing sides and realizing that their friends didn’t choose the same as them. Everyone feels it personally and their friendships are stretched to the limit as it gets harder to take back what’s been done.

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  1. Chupacabra

    is almost here. Without a doubt it’s going to be the biggest Marvel movie of the year, a film where former friends become enemies and the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be forever changed.