Book Review: Once A Witch By Carolyn MacCullough

Review by Dana Marie Krook


Tamsin Greene is a part of a long line of witches who live together self-sufficiently on land outside of New York City. Her grandmother, the leader of the clan, proclaimed Tamsin would be the most powerful witch they had ever seen–a beacon for the whole family. Her future looked bright on all counts.

One glitch: Tamsin didn’t develop any powers. At all.

Each witch in their family showcased a particular talent (i.e. verbal persuasian, finding lost items, teleportation, fortune telling, healing, etc.) before their eighth birthday and that power would continue to grow and develop over the years, eventually finding a usefulness within the family business.

But for Tamsin, the number eight came and went with nothing but ordinary. Now, at 17, Tamsin seeks refuge at her “normal” boarding school in NYC as much as she can–in order to avoid the eccentric family that she doesn’t really appear to belong in. Always reminded of her outsider status by the powers of those around her, Tamsin wishes for nothing more than a normal life.

once a witch

Until a mysterious yet handsome professor from NYU strolls into her family’s book shop (while she’s on solo shop duty), mistaking Tamsin for her older, talented sister, Rowena. He’s missing a family heirloom and he needs the powers of her family to find it. Rather than correct the mistaken identity, Tamsin agrees to find the item.

With the help of a newly-returned childhood friend Gabriel (turned gorgeous, charming love interest), Tamsin seeks to find the professor’s heirloom and prove she has value to the family. But strangers aren’t always as they seems and Tamsin ends up revisiting decades past–but what she finds isn’t so much a family heirloom as a family secret: namely, hers.


Could this be the destiny her grandmother predicted?

A totally entertaining page-turner, Once a Witch takes you on the journey of one family’s black sheep as she fights for the family she’s never truly felt a part of. Complete with time travelling, centuries-old secrets, sibling rivalry, tough family love and first loves, this novel had me hooked from the very beginning.



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