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Review: Pearlory Offers Consumers Affordable Tarnish-Free Jewelry

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When it comes to jewelry, the consensus seems to be that investing in good high-quality jewelry pieces often means burning a hole in your wallet. While that may have been more true in the past, but it’s much less the case today. We’re looking at Pearlory, an affordable jewelry brand that won’t break the bank, even a small bank.

Pearlory’s tarnish-free jewelry collection is pretty, and practical

It’s time to bid goodbye to the days of wasting money on cheap fashion pieces that discolor after a few wears. And on the other side of spectrum you can say adieu to the times you couldn’t afford a particular high-quality look because it was just too expensive.

Pearlory’s new tarnish-free collection goes a long way toward what a lot of jewelry enthusiasts have been dreaming of, the look and quality they’re looking for at affordable prices.

Made with high quality, waterproof, hypoallergenic base metals like titanium and stainless steel coated with real 14K or 18K gold, Pearlory’s collection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings offer a real alternative to existing but expensive tarnish-free fine jewelry lines.

Pearlory Bracelet

Benefits of Pearlory’s Jewelry

Here are some other exciting benefits that you can look forward to with Pearlory jewelry:


At just $12 to $18 apiece, Pearlory’s tarnish-free designs are shockingly affordable for the quality that they offer.

By working directly with the manufacturers and cutting out the middleman, they get to eliminate often ridiculous markups that are so common in the industry and are able to offer consumers unbeatable prices as a result.

Also, by keeping their packaging minimal, Pearlory finds another way to reduce costs. After all, you should be paying for the bling and not the packaging. Yes, that sentence is a rhyme. 🙂

Thanks to all the above factors combined, compared to similar non-tarnish jewelry brands like Nominal and Ana Luisa, for example, Pearlory jewelry can offer the same quality products at a fraction of the price. That means accessories on the same budget!

Shopping bonus: For customers in Canada and the U.S.A, there are no duties or import taxes, so you get even more savings!

Waterproof and Longer Lasting

Most cheap fashion jewelry has the problem of discoloration (yes, we can’t stand the greenish tone either) or rusting after a few hand washes, showers, or dips in the pool. But not Pearlory jewelry.

Thanks to the smart choice of incorporating stainless steel (where chromium offers an invisible layer of protection against wear and tear) and titanium (a non-reactive metal), Pearlory manages to combat one of the biggest pain points of affordable jewelry, making their jewelry waterproof. All the tarnish free pieces in their collection are dipped in real 14K or 18K gold. A few pieces are even Vermeil (sterling silver base) for the same incredible price of $18! You shouldn’t be surprised to find the same pieces for triple or quadruple the price elsewhere.

Additionally, as a result of these protective properties (say goodbye to rusting and corrosion too), your Pearlory jewelry will last longer than your regular fashion jewelry.

Now doesn’t that just sound like the most versatile of accessories where you can wear just about anywhere, whether it’s the beach or to a café date?

Pearlory Bracelet

The Accessory Brand for Everyone

One of the brands goals is to make shopping and gifting easy. If you’re interested in trying a variety of styles of good quality jewelry at comfortably affordable prices, it’s worth checking out the collection at Pearlory for a solid selection of jewelry for all occasions – yes that includes the beach!

Here’s Chanel Q’s vlog about her Pearlory haul, with good insights.

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