Get Back Into Letter Writing With “P.S. I Like You” By Kasie West

Passing notes to a friend during class is fun. Exchanging full-on letters with an anonymous pen-pal—who loves the same obscure bands as you—is even better.

In P.S. I Like You by Kasie West, Lily finds herself opening up to a stranger after she scribbles some lyrics on her desk and sees them continued by someone else when she returns to chemistry class the next day.

From a few desk-drawn notes to full on letters, a friendship starts to build between Lily and this unknown letter writer. More and more as they open up to one another, tell jokes, and share who they are, Lily feels herself starting to fall for someone she’s never met.

Amid the chaos of a big family, maintaining her real-life friendships, and dealing with swoon-worthy crushes, Lily is trying to pursue her passion of songwriting. With a lyric writing contest on the horizon and half-formed lines in her head, Lily determines to finally do something about her dreams.

P.S. I Like You

But following through on those plans can be tricky when everyday life starts to get messy—Lily must learn to see past her judgments of others and herself if she wants to truly move forward with love and songwriting.

In P.S. I Like You, characters that seem simple at first are given more depth and complexity as the story goes on; the intricacies of their lives become more apparent and you can’t help but feel connected to each of them.

This heartwarming story illustrates what it’s like to be in a large family, trying to carve out space for yourself, navigate your love life, and hopefully find a way to make your wishes come true—whether that’s writing song lyrics, getting into university, or just making it through high school.

If you enjoy stories about high school experiences, falling in love, or quirky characters, this is the book for you. You may also like another of Kasie West’s books, called The Fill-In Boyfriend, which has similar themes.

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One thought on “Get Back Into Letter Writing With “P.S. I Like You” By Kasie West

  1. Soulana George

    hi kasie i love your books they are amazing my favorite is Ps I like you and listen to your heart. I kave read almost all your bokks and hope to read more.