Book Review: Swoon At Your Own Risk

Swoon At Your Own Risk

Written by Sydney Salter
Publisher: Houton Mifflin Harcourt


Before the summer’s over, don’t forget to pick up this┬ásolid read! A definite Faze Fave.

The Basics:

After 5 dating disasters with a variety of guys in her junior year, Polly Martin has sworn that she will stay away from boys this summer (difficult–especially when she has to work at Wild Waves Western-themed water park with one of the her ex’s). She tries to focus on herself and her best friend, Jane.

But then in rolls Xander Cooper, and Polly finds herself fighting her feelings. So when her mother announces that her grandmother (author of the popular Miss Swoom advice column) is coming to stay with them for the summer, Polly is thrilled–what could be better for her dating down-spiral than her own personal fountain of advice?

But Grandma ends up arriving with her own set of issues–one of them being her unquenchable man-crazy flirting.

Full of fun characters and embarrassing moments (that we’ve all been through), this book is a sensational summer read. It takes the reader through the real perils of how easy it is lose yourself in a dating relationship, but also how great it is to fall in love with someone when you can finally just be yourself.

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