Rising Canadian Star Anastasia A Sits Down for A Chat

anastasia-pressphotoAnastasia A is a Canadian pop-dance singer and songwriter who is taking the Canadian music scene by storm with her hit singles like “Kiss and Tell”, “My Love” and my absolute favourite – “Sparks Fly”. Her first studio album, Something Inside You was released on June 16th, 2014 and I have to say, it is definitely a foot- tapper that’s worth a listen. She has collaborated and worked with many notable artists and producers at such a young stage of her career, including past Faze cover guy Shawn Desman, proving that she’s a hard worker. Currently experimenting with EDM music, Anastasia A hopes her upbeat and catchy singles will blast on the radios across Canada (and hopefully around the world!). Faze caught up with Anastasia A to talk about her growing success, new album and future goals.

You started your career by collaborating with the STEREOS, what was that experience like?
I had met the band during a filming of Disband and I had told them that I am a singer. Not too long later, their producer gave me a call and asked if I was available to come to the studio in half an hour. I ended up being on the Uncontrollable album and did a song called “Barely Breathing”. They were really cool guys and real fun to work with.

 Which artists do you look towards for inspiration?
Right now I’m really inspired by Iggy Azalea. She has so many different types of looks that she can rock – it’s not something that you see all the time and it doesn’t get boring. Also, she is really brave and bold and sets some serious trends. I really love Ellie Goulding as well because she as some cool electronic-dance elements that I am really interested in.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
I definitely would like to collaborate with a male artist. It would be really difficult to collaborate with a female artist because they are the power house of their own show. Working with Cody Simpson would be cool or any pop-rapper like Mike Posner. I want to go for an edgy-pop combination.

What made you gain interest in EDM Music?
About two years ago, the president of Ultra Music Canada contacted me and said that he had been scouting my music for a while now and would like to have me come in to the studio and record a song. I played some of my demos for him and he was able to connect me to a couple DJs like Steve Aoke. He invited me to go to VELD and once I was in the centre of the EDM scene and heard remixes of known songs and something had sparked in me.

What is your favourite song from Something inside You?
“Save Me” is my favorite song on the album because it has the biggest impact personally because it was about a relationship that I felt really strongly about. I feel like everyone can relate to it where you’re with someone that has broken your heart but you still want to be with them. It’s a vulnerable track for me.

 How did you come up with the name “Anamaniacs”?
I really wanted to find a way to connect my supporters so one of the guys (from her marketing team) had suggested “Anamaniacs” because I’m kind of wacky, and the name just clicked.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
I see myself writing a lot for other artists and travelling. I’ve always wanted to start a consulting program in which I can help other artists create their own path. I also want to have a grant that would help other artists that have the talent but not the means to put together an album. So overall, my goal is to give back to music community.
Check out Anastasia A’s new album –Something Inside You, and catch her performing and doing a meet-and-greet our Faze Power Up 2014 event on August 29th.

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