Rising Star Tenille Takes On The Country

Rising teen sensation Tenille, has made her way into our hearts, with her relatable lyrics and desire to give back to the community.


She just released her new album “Light” which showcases her vulnerability and openness with the world while developing her country image.

With influences from Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Keith Urban, Tenille, 18, has already been signed with Royalty Records and nominated for a Canadian Country Music Award for female artist of the year (2011). Looking forward to the 5th anniversary of her charity “Big Hearts For Big Kids,” Tenille has already raised over $350,000 and hopes to continue raising awareness for the shelter. “My ultimate goal is to make a difference with my passion for music.”

Tenille took time out of her busy schedule to answer a fewof our questions.


We know you are heading out on the Play it Forward Cross Canada tour this spring. Can you tell us more about the concept and the gift of giving back?

I can’t wait to get back on the road with this school tour! The Play it Forward Tour aims to encourage youth to do what they do best: PLAY… and then play it forward. Our goal is to inspire kids to find what they love and make a difference with that. The best part of this tour is offering the perspective that giving back truly is a gift.

How does it feel to know your new single “Dear Heart” has been requested and played on Canadian Country Radio?

It is so exciting!! It means a lot knowing that people are connecting to the emotion and message in the song and wanting to hear it! I truly appreciate the stations spinning it and look forward to the new video coming out very soon for it too!


What advice would you give to a young generation about becoming a singer?

I would say if you have the passion and desire to create your own opportunities and to pursue a creative outlet with music, then chase it with your whole heart. Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. Stay true to who you are and you will attract people to your team that believe in not only your music, but the messages you wish to send to the world as a reflection of your true self. Let your light shine.

You can check out more of Tenille and her new album here.



Interviewed and written by Faze’s Sierra Traikos

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