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Canadian Cutie Robbie Amell Rants About “The DUFF”

You Either Know One, Have One or Are One.

Written by Kody Keplinger when she was 17 years old, this book offers a truly accurate depiction of high school bullies, teenagers’ issues with self-consciousness and what being THE DUFF is all about.

Bianca (Mae Whitman) was totally happy with high school life. Sure, she was into different movies, dressed a little bit more casually and took a more relaxed approach when it came to hair and makeup, but the important thing was that she was happy.

She was happy until she learned from a childhood friend, the football captain and super cutie Wesley (Robbie Amell), that the student body knew her as “The DUFF” (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier, more popular friends Jess and Casey (Skyler Samuels and Bianca Santos).

Bianca is so hurt by the news that she cut her friends off from all her social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in hopes of gaining her own identity and getting the boy of her dreams, Toby (Nick Eversman).

There are many obstacles in her way, number one being the school’s mean girl, Madison (Bella Thorne), who makes Bianca’s life unbearable by bullying her both in person and online . Can Bianca “un-DUFF” herself and win Toby’s heart just in time for prom?


The Breakdown:

Comedy: This film is funny because it has so many elements that are pretty darn close to the truth: We have the high school mean girls who bring you down with empty threats, then there is the fact that you can’t just un-friend someone verbally anymore now that there’s a whole social networking process to it, and finally there are the high school romances that are just so awkward they are hilarious . You’ll be giggling throughout this film, I promise.

Reality: When Madison releases that horribly-edited video of Bianca, the realization of cyber bullying comes into context. Videos go viral, as Bianca’s did, even though it might have started off as a little prank. What happens on the internet stays on the internet FOREVER.

Good Morals: The moral of the story is that no matter what people look like or how they act, we are all someone’s DUFF – and this is totally normal! There will always be someone who’s richer, smarter, prettier or more athletic than you, so you just have to BE THE ULTIMATE YOU.

You may think you already know the plot just from reading this review or watching the trailer, right? Ugly duckling turns into a pretty swan, shows everyone that they were wrong about her and she falls in love with the guy who’s loved her from the very beginning (not the guy who she’s actually swooning over) – was I close? Faze sat down to talk to Robbie Amell aka super-hot jock Wesley from THE DUFF and he gave us the 411 on the movie (and we couldn’t help but to throw in a few questions about him too!).


What drew you to The DUFF’s script?

Robbie Amell: I read the script and honestly in the first 30 pages I was a bit sceptical because the character I was auditioning for (Wesley) was the very stereotypical dumb jock. But then I kept reading and you get to know this guy, there is a real guy there whom I can relate to. As I read on, it became this really cool, unique teen comedy that felt special– like Easy A or Mean Girls – and to be a part of something with such a great message even though it has a scary title, seemed too good to be true.

Do you share similar characteristics or passions as your character Wesley?

Robbie: I was a jock in high school. I don’t relate to him in the first third of the movie… pretty much as soon as you stop hating him, that is when I relate to the character. We (Mae Whitman and Robbie) tried to bring as much of ourselves to our characters and make each other laugh as much as we could.

How did you get into acting and when did you know what you wanted to make acting your career?

Robbie: I use to do commercials and print work when I was very young in elementary school. I started to play hockey at a competitive level – for 6 or 7 days a week sometimes – so I couldn’t do anything else. I haden’t even talked to my agent in years when they sent over the audition for Cheaper By The Dozen 2, which was my first movie audition. I went in, I thought I did pretty good, I ended up booking it and we shot it for two months. Near the end of the shoot I called my coach, I quit hockey and got into some camera classes. I booked my first TV audition, which was for Life With Derek, and I haven’t looked back since. Born and raised in Toronto!

What advice would you give to someone who thinks that they’re the DUFF?

Robbie: All I can say is that either everyone is the DUFF or there is no such thing as the DUFF, so you’re not alone. If you can make the argument that you’re the DUFF, then you can make the argument that anyone is the DUFF, so just be happy with who you are. If anyone doesn’t like you for who you are then you shouldn’t spend time with them. I know that isn’t as easy as it sounds, but just know that you’re not alone.

What makes The DUFF different from the other transformation movies?

Robbie: The biggest difference is that it’s not really a transformation movie. It’s more about this girl who thinks that she needs to go through a transformation, but ultimately she just needs the confidence to be who she was at the beginning of the movie. I love that there is a makeover scene where she puts on this dress and she expects this big makeover moment, but it was just her in a dress and I think that this really sums up the movie. This girl is really charming, witty and fun and she just needs to be herself. Just because one character is out to get her, it doesn’t mean that she should change anything about herself.


Speed Round – Then and Now!

Favourite type of music:

Then: Rap

Now: Still love rap but I’m a bit more open, now I have a very wide range of music on my phone.

Dream vacation destination:

Then: Anywhere hot because I lived in Toronto. I just wanted to get into the sun.

Now: Living in LA, sometimes I want to go somewhere with snow like Whistler, but I still love being somewhere tropical – clear blue water and sandy beaches.

Favourite food:

Then: McDonalds

Now: When I come home, it’s Pizza Pizza it’s like a nostalgia thing.

The Duff is now available for home viewing! Check out the official movie trailer:

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