Rules For Writing An Excellent College Essay

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Applying to college is one of the things that come naturally in the life of many youngsters. There are so many colleges you can apply to. And the requirements and policies of every college are different. Some colleges might take into consideration your SAT scores, while others might give you a college test. Either way, this is not the only important part of an application. 

You also need to submit a college essay, often called a personal statement, along with your application. This might be the moment when the pressure starts piling up. You realize that your future is at stake, so you want to deliver an excellent college essay. But you might find yourself facing a blank paper, not knowing what to write or what to begin with. Even though this might seem like a challenge you don’t know how to face, don’t lose hope. Here is a list of rules for writing an excellent college essay.

  • Find the perfect hook
  • Be straightforward
  • Stick to your writing style and be authentic
  • Save time for editing and proofreading

Find the Perfect Hook

College admission officers are reading thousands of essays during the admission period. The competition is fierce and being aware of this will help you craft a powerful college essay. So, you already have a recommended word limit for your essay, so you need to think about the relevant information to include. But first, you need to catch the attention of the reader, say writing experts from a college paper writing service. And you can easily do this by including a hook in your introduction. 

A hook is that thing that intrigues the reader and makes them want to read more to find an answer to a question or more details about an event. Depending on the topic you have chosen to explore in your essay, you can adapt the hook. But keep in mind that the entire essay is important. So, do not focus too much on the hook and forget about the other things.


Be Straightforward

Different colleges, different admission policies, and requirements. While some colleges might ask you to write a personal statement essay where you discuss your hobbies, plans, and so on, others might have other requirements. They might give you an essay topic or question they want you to explore in your college essay. 

So, no matter the topic, you should be straightforward in your essay. Your space is limited so you need to use the one available in the wisest way possible. You want to impress the college admission officer and make them think you would be a good fit. So, be direct, concise, and clear in your essay. 

An Authentic Writing Style

Many candidates think about ways to impress the ones that will read the college essay. And some of them choose to use fluffy and complex words in their writing. You can show you have read a lot and that you know a lot not only by using fluffy words. But by the ideas that you want to send. By your opinions on specific subjects, by your plans for the future and by what you know about yourself too. 

Yes, colleges are looking for students that have the inner motivation to pursue their dreams. So, stick to your writing style. It should show the real you, not the ideal person you think college admission officers are looking after. Be authentic. 

Editing and Proofreading is Key

One of the most important steps of the writing process is editing and proofreading. Many students start working on their college essays when there is little time left. So, when you already feel the pressure of time, you may skip some steps. And this is the most skipped step, but one of the crucial ones. 

Every college indeed has its policies, but they will keep an eye on everything that could make the difference between candidates. So, it is essential to deliver a clearly and smoothly written essay. The ideas should flow naturally and they should be easy to understand. At the same time, the essay should not have grammar or spelling mistakes. 

So, save time for editing and proofreading. The best would be to let your first draft set aside for one or two days and then return to working on it. Disconnecting a little bit from the essay will allow you to come back to it with a fresher perspective. 

Final Thoughts

Writing an excellent college essay that will impress the admission officers might seem challenging. Every college has its policies, but its requirements and priorities too. So, it’s crucial to showcase your personality, be authentic and genuine, avoid using fluffy words, and be straightforward. Find the perfect hook and do not forget about saving time for editing and proofreading. 

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