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Running a Personal Blog: Which Valuable Skills Does It Teach You?

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Over the years blogging has become a popular hobby that many people have turned to. Whether it’s for professional development, for fun, or to try something new, running your own blog has a variety of benefits. Bloggers around the world use their personal blogs to showcase their work, demonstrate their expertise, and learn new skills. In today’s modern society, bloggers have even turned their hobby into a career by working with brands on sponsored posts and paid adverts.

If you blog at home regularly, then it might be beneficial to also create the best study space for you to work in. Eliminating distractions, keeping it well-organised, and having proper office lighting and seating, can help you focus on writing blog posts more. From time management to social media marketing, there are many valuable skills that you can learn from blogging. Whether you run a fashion blog or a food blog, here are some useful skills that you can learn:

#1 It improves your writing skills.

Blogging is one area where practice makes perfect. Writing articles almost every single day helps you develop your language skills and helps you get into the flow of writing regular pieces of content. If you’ve been writing for a long time then you might also find that writing blog posts has improved your typing skills too. Both writing and typing skills come in very useful for the future as there are many job positions requiring these skills.

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#2 You learn useful content marketing expertise.

When you have been blogging a long time, you gradually learn what your target audience wants to interact with. You learn about what does and does not work, and you get to experiment with a variety of content types. With The Pogg’s article on ‘How Do UK Bloggers Run & Manage Their Blogs?’, aspiring bloggers can learn more about how much time people spend blogging and about how long an ideal post should be. Some of the most successful pieces of content that produce strong results are interviews, roundups, guides and ebooks, and original research. By producing content in different formats, you learn useful content marketing skills and experience that can help you in future jobs.

#3 It can help you develop a unique style.

Starting a personal blog can be an unnerving experience as you wonder what everyone on the planet will think of your posts. But the more you blog, the more you relax with the format, becoming engrossed in the technicalities of creating entertaining pieces of writing that flow coherently. And once you’re relaxed, you’ll gradually develop a particular style of putting your words and phrases together that is unique.

#4 Improve your photography & graphic design skills.

As well as writing skills, blogging can also teach you about photography and graphic design. Whether you are creating flatlays for your skin care routine post, or an engaging graphic for your how-to guide, these skills can come in useful. You can easily use free tools such as Canva to create social media graphics, posters, blog headers and much more. As many design jobs require experience using Adobe software, you can also use your own personal blog to develop your skills in it and demonstrate that you know how to use these tools. You can pay for subscriptions for Adobe products like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Stock, and Premier Pro depending on your needs. These programs can be used for image editing, video editing and production, stock images, and vector graphics and illustrations, for your blog posts.

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#5 Learn how to properly brainstorm and generate new ideas.

As you establish your personal blog containing dozens and dozens of posts, you’ll find they flow together more successfully as a whole if your theme is consistent. Devising new subject matter in an original format that complements everything you’ve already written is decidedly challenging, but it will enliven your imagination and creativity. It can be daunting spending hours trying to think of a new approach to a topic, then suddenly inspiration strikes and encourages your enthusiasm for the written word all over again. Being able to think creatively can come in handy for future content production and for a range of job roles.

#6 Improving your time management skills

There’s no doubt that blogging is time consuming and finding the time to write for a few hours every day can sometimes seem impossible. Learning how to effectively manage your time and workload is a useful skill that comes in handy for blogging, employment, and education. Using programmes such as Trello or Google Sheets, are some efficient tools that can help you manage your work. From ticking off tasks on your to-do list to organizing new content ideas, time management skills can be very useful.

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