How To Safeguard Your Brand When Starting A Business

safeguard your brand and business

When setting up your business, there are a lot of decisions to be made, and it can be tempting sometimes to go with the first moderately amusing or snappy name – or even to spend a lot of time coming up with a handle that is clever, witty and basted with symbolism. But any name that you choose has to stand the test of time and usage, so do not be too quick to grab the first vaguely suitable name.

When choosing the name, there are a number of things to watch out for: do not pick a name that will date very quickly, so do not refer to the year of incorporation as part of the name, and do not refer to any topical events. Avoid the gimmicky unless your company is aiming to have that light-hearted, jokey vibe. Instead, opt for a name that is representative of your business and the image you want to project. If you are running a serious business that you hope will be treated with dignity by others in the industry, then avoid silly or frivolous names – but if you are a hairdresser or a florist, silly names are almost de rigueur and you can go wild with names like ‘Curl Up and Dye’ or ‘Blooming Fantastic’.

Of course, with all of these suggestions there will be exceptions and you will have to decide for yourself just which tips you will follow, and which you will ignore. You know your business and will be in the best position to decide if a name will work or not – all that is required is that you give it some thought.

One thing that you might want to consider is to choose a name that is relatively easy to say – imagine sitting and answering the phone, up to ten or more times an hour, and saying that name over and over. If it is too tricky, becomes very boring, or sounds irritating: perhaps reconsider than particular choice of name!

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Introducing You

Your company name is important because it – along with your logo and any slogans that you attach to your company – is going to be the first and most memorable thing that people learn about you and your business. This is why you should take some time over the choosing of a name: your image as a business is very important when it comes to how customers will regard you. They will need to think of you as being reliable, trust-worthy and honourable in your dealing with customers and their needs. If your name can reflect this too, so much the better.

But after the first impression has been made with a good, carefully chosen name, a cheerful and memorable logo and a slogan that makes a promise to the customer that will bring them through your doors, the rest of the experience must match up. Whenever possible, deal with queries immediately. Simple price enquiries should be answered as soon as you see the request for information – you should know your own price list just about off by heart, or at the very least, be able to put your hand on the information within a couple of minutes. More complex queries – those for which you have to ask your supplier or someone else a question, should also be answered promptly, advising the customer that you have put enquiries in train and will be back in touch as soon as you have a definitive answer for them. This simple acknowledgement of the query is not only good manners, it is reassuring to the customer that their custom matters to your business and that you are interested in giving them the answer they need in a timely fashion.

Establishing Your Business

This and other steps will help you to establish your business as one that can be relied upon to provide not only the products that your clients want, but also a good service along with it. It is small details that will make the difference between a good company and an indifferent one, even if the two companies offer the same identical products and services: little things like having an easily accessible help-line or after-sales service; a courtesy call after a big sale to make sure that the products were as expected and that they are happy with everything, even a little thank you to them for choosing your company to make the purchase from. Small gestures take just a little bit of time, and they leave a heart-warming impression on the customer and this means that the next time they need a similar product, they will think of you first and get in touch. Especially if your name is suitably memorable and catchy, of course!

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