Sean Paul: Music That Brings People Together

Sean Paul

Many people think celebrities have the best lives possible. In some ways that may be true, but the struggle to the top is hardly an easy one. Sean Paul Henriques is a prime example of a regular guy turned into a dynamic international star. Not many can attain this kind of success, but with hard work and persistence it is all possible. Sean Paul gets serious with Faze about his life advice, his homeland and of course, his music.

“Music is one of the things that I can say in most languages, in most places; it brings people together,” Sean says.

“No matter what language the music is in, the moral and the artist’s opinion always shine through; with music we can learn many valuable lessons. Life can never be perfect, but for many, music has helped shape their lives for better or worse — hopefully better. Music brings life to realization. Young people can change the world if we work together. We see all the things that are happening in the world, that we didn’t make happen, but we can choose to do something about it, or at least try.

Think of all the things you could do: start a campaign, write a petition, start a club at your school or try anything out. Start off small and eventually you will escalate and be doing something positive.”

“Young world things crazy/times short inna life/so don’t waste it/any dream wah you got, you can chase it/it’s time to change the world/young world just pace it,” Sean recites.

Coming from Jamaica into a totally different country, having people ask him silly questions like, “Do you have cars there?” made him want to give Jamaica a little more pride, respect and love.
He wanted to set his mark like another Jamaican artist did: Bob Marley. The recent gun violence in Jamaica is really close to Sean’s heart. “Peace is a concept I think the human brain should be able to understand. More than 600 people were killed in six months [in Jamaica].” The senseless brutality inspired him to write his latest album, The Trinity, with many songs that refer to gun violence and the idea of peace.

“Your point is valid, my point is valid; you know what I mean. I learn from you, you learn from me; maybe one day we will both be at the same point. Right now, I don’t see it your way,” is a key concept that we all should embrace and try to understand.

“Try to be positive, it will get you so much farther in life,” Sean says, “You must keep your faith, and it will help you persevere in this thing we call life.”

Sean Paul with Lorraine Zander and Shenieka Metcalf-Russell from Faze Magazine

Written by Faze contributor Shenieka Russell-Metcalf

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