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Secrets That Will Make Your Trip To Las Vegas Unforgettable

las vegas

Online casinos are increasingly dominating the global gambling industry, making it easy for every player. Nowadays, you can easily discover the lucrative advantages of Bitcoin blackjack games in the best online casinos in a few clicks and any time you want! But traditional casinos are not completely dead. And if we talk about physical casinos, Las Vegas is definitely part of the topic. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps and welcomes everyone, including us girls!

If you go alone, don’t worry, you will never feel alone in this city full of tourists at all times of the year. It is a very safe place, easy to get around and there are always things to do. I assure you that it is not only for those who enjoy gambling, there are countless activities to do in addition to visiting casinos, I promise you that you will not regret visiting this wonderful city!

Where to Stay

Las Vegas Strip

First of all, you have to know that the main street in this city is called Las Vegas Boulevard, but it is better known as The Strip. Everything happens on this street. If you stay several days and want to rest in addition to touring, the Mandalay Bay hotel is an oasis within Las Vegas. With a lot of vegetation, huge pools and an artificial beach, it makes you feel like you are in a Caribbean resort.

If you are going to be there for a few days and you want to be well located in the center of the scene, you can opt for the Planet Hollywood hotel, the Paris, the Bellagio. A secret to keep in mind, the Bally┬┤s hotel, although not so well known, is an excellent alternative. Not only is it next to the Paris hotel but they are also interconnected and on top of it is much cheaper.

For a higher budget I could recommend Caesar’s Palace or some of those located in the so-called City Center such as Cosmopolitan, Vdara, Aria, Mandarin. The latter are mostly minimalist in style but the most luxurious (and expensive) in town. In the event that your trip is with the family, an economical and picturesque option may be the Excalibur hotel, which pretends to be a medieval castle.


las vegas monorail

There is a kind of train called Las Vegas Monorails, which is a monorail that runs across the Strip. It is very simple to use. The fare for a single trip is USD 5, but it has passes for unlimited travel for 24 hours for USD 13, 48 hours for USD 23 among other options. Moreover, Las Vegas Monorail has recently teamed up with Google and now proposes its users an ability to pay via Google Pay, which is really convenient for travelers from all over the world.

There are also local buses, perhaps the frequencies are a little more widely spaced, but the advantage is that they cover greater distances. You can use this means of transportation even to go to the outlets that are located on the outskirts of the city. You have a two-hour pass at a value of USD 6 and an all-day pass at USD 8 and a pass for three days at USD 20. Of course, there is always the option of a taxi, but since the distances are not so great and the traffic is usually a bit congested, public transport is preferable.

If you like to walk to most places you can access it on foot. You should only have comfortable shoes and a bottle of water, especially in summer when temperatures are very high. For the transfers that you already have contracted in previously. It is very important to keep the following in mind. The hotels are super big. The entrances at the street level are usually the entrances to the casinos or shopping centers that each hotel has. The lobbies to check in / check out or wait for the transfer if you have a hired excursion can be in the basement or in a back entrance. For this reason, when coordinating the transfer, do not forget to ask exactly at which door you should wait for it.


Las Vegas show - Cirque Du Soleil

There is something for everyone! Music, boxing, circus, magic; expensive, intermediate, free; outdoors or in huge theaters. Impossible to get bored.

Free Entertainment

las vegas bellagio fountains

The dancing waters of the Bellagio hotel. Every half hour during the afternoon and every fifteen minutes at night this show starts again. The good thing is that the music varies so you can even enjoy it several times. Conservatory of the Bellagio hotel. In this same hotel but already entering, passing the lobby there is a large room that works as a botanical garden that they are armed with different themes throughout the year.

Fremont Street Experience. This is located in downtown, where the city of Las Vegas originated. It is a little further from where the main hotels are located so you will have to take some transport because it is not a walkable distance. It consists of a street that is covered and at night (from 6:00 p.m. and every hour) the ceiling becomes a screen and a sound and light show is projected. You will also find stages with groups playing different styles of music and many characters doing their eccentric street shows.

Volcano from the Mirage hotel. At night and every hour the volcano that is at the entrance of the Mirage hotel erupts. It is not much more than that but if you are around it is worth a look. The fall of Atlantis. Inside the Caesar’s Palace hotel and casino, more precisely in the Forum Shops. It lasts 10 minutes and consists of huge animatronic statues accompanied by a show of light, water, fire and sound.

Las Vegas Strip

After all, as a phenomenal city, Las Vegas is very attractive to any woman. However, if playing gambling is your main goal, you can easily find on the Internet, a provider of your awesome and beneficial online gambling experience.

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