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Shane Harte: Doing What He Loves And Living The Dream

Growing up in the small city of Brampton, Ontario to touring across Canada, Shane Harte is living the dream.

Shane started off as an actor, best known for his roles as Anthony in the fantasy comedy-drama Good Witch and as Shane in The Next Step, and then slowly started to shift his focus to his singing career by taking pen to paper and writing his own songs. “I think it’s important to me to write my own songs because if I’m the face to it, I want to tell people exactly how I feel. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be writing what I want to say, or writing the lyrics that I’m going to sing,” he explains. “ It’s really important for me, as an artist, to put my own message out there and to share what I have to say about certain things, or how I feel about certain situations. It’s a huge thing to be able to channel that into a song–there’s a lot of artistry in that.” Channeling his feelings and thoughts into “Let You Know”, Shane’s first single will definitely be your go-to love song.


Shane’s first tour is a big one as he hits seven different cities across Canada with Family’s Big Ticket Summer concert,  and of course, nerves definitely hit him right before he goes on stage but it’s a good thing. “This is obviously something that is very important to me, and growing up my dad always told me that if you’re nervous for something then you know it’s important to you,” Shane says. “So I do get nervous before a show but it’s more of an anxiousness to do it.”DSC_7486

Currently spending all of his free time working on his music, in the studio or in front of the camera, we can expect new music from this up-and-coming Canadian artist. “I don’t really have a lot of free time but I love it. I’m living the dream and doing what I want to do–it doesn’t feel like work to me,” he says. “I’m going to be releasing an EP or album, still deciding on which one will be best, but by the end of 2015 you will probably see a good body of work from me.”

You can quote me on this later, but Canada has been reppin’ in the music scene with amazing young singers like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, and I’m betting that Shane Harte is going to join them soon.  So keep your eyes and ears open for Shane Harte’s new music because you’re going to love it.

But for now, get to know Shane’s thoughts on dating while he plays “Yay or Nay: The Dating Game” with us backstage at the Big Ticket Summer show in Toronto:

Tune into Family Channel on September 25th at 7:30pm et/pt to see Shane Harte perform live while on The Big Ticket Summer concert tour.

Photo credit: Jag Gundu

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