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A Chat With “Shark Night: 3D” Stars Sara Paxton and Dustin Milligan

Get ready for a killer weekend.


University student Sara (Sara Paxton, The Beautiful Life: TBL, The Last House on the Left) invites six schoolmates to her hometown along the Louisiana Gulf for a weekend getaway. The four-day trip gets off to a shaky start when the group finds itself in a confrontation with two locals at a pit stop.

All is forgotten when they take off in Sara’s speedboat towards her lake house. No time is wasted upon arrival as they immediately get the party started with some water beer pong and wakeboarding.

But the fun comes to an abrupt halt the second a shark swims into the picture. A series of terrifying attacks follow, but the group is most shocked by their discovery of the reason the lake is infested with sharks.

This thriller also stars Canadian Dustin Milligan (90210) as the shy medical student Nick, who has a major crush on Sara, and Katharine McPhee (American Idol Season 5, The House Bunny), Sara’s feisty good friend.

I’m pretty desensitized to thrillers at this point, so I barely flinched at the scary stuff. However, I know most people will get a good scare out of this film–there were definitely moments that would have caused my friends to squeeze the circulation out of my arms, had they been watching with me. The storyline is interestingly original–so be prepared for some good twists!


Here’s the run down:

Thriller: Check! The suspenseful twists and turns may cause you to hide behind your hands and watch between your fingers.

Action: Definitely. The coolness of some stunts is further enhanced by the 3D element.

Gore:A bit. Don’t expect a Saw amount of gore, but you will get a fair glimpse of blood and guts.

Catch Sara and Dustin getting their scare on in Shark Night 3D (also in 2D). Check it out below!

Faze had the chance to chat with Sara Paxton and Dustin Milligan about filming this sharktastic thriller.

Sara Paxton in Shark Night 3D

Did you guys do any shark research prior to filming?
SP: I’ve learned a lot from watching Shark Week (on the Discovery Channel) looking for my own commercial.
DM: As far as research and stuff goes, the film itself plays on the general, often uninformed irrational fear of sharks and the unknown.
SP: We didn’t do a lot of research because our characters, they didn’t see it coming.
DM: It was just about reacting to this insane situation, which often, it was kind of better going into set not even knowing quite what to expect because you would have to, in some new way…deal with these sharks.

Did you guys do your own stunts?
DM: I did all of my stunts. And Sara’s stunts.
SP: He looks great in a bikini. [laughs] We did mostly all of our own stunts.
DM: It was really difficult…because [we worked with] mechanical sharks and those things are basically like mechanical bulls in water…There are three guys with remote controls: one guy working the tail and the body, one guy working the head and then one guy working the mouth.
SP: Which have real shark teeth in them.

Are there really sharks in the Louisiana Gulf?
SP: It’s a salt water lake and it is actually quite common. This is not some made up thing. And, actually, bull sharks, the most dangerous shark in the world can survive in fresh water for up to three years.
DM: [Bull sharks are] the most likely to attack a human. The sharks can get through in the levies.
SP: Why wouldn’t a shark be able to get in to a lake?

Sara Paxton in Shark Night 3D

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