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Interview With PR Agent Shaun Marq For JOLIE And Hayley Elsaesser

In September, at the INLAND pop-up shop in Toronto, Faze had the opportunity to meet with Shaun Marq, the Executive Director of Agence Select, to discuss their fashion clients Ivy Chen’s handbag collection JOLIE, and Hayley Elsaesser‘s clothing line.


JOLIE is a luxury handbag collection designed by Ivy Chen for modern women who live in a fast pace world and live an active lifestyle. What makes JOLIE standout from all the other handbag collections is its functionality and accessibility.

What was the inspiration behind JOLIE?

Shaun: For JOLIE, the inspiration is the same every year, and it’s about functionality. So everything has to have multiple functions. All of the bags can be used for more than one thing. There’s a four-in-one bag, a reversible bag and added cross-body bags or clutches that come in every bag. The travel bag comes with a detachable clutch as well. Everything is double duty.

Who is the target audience?

Shaun: The designer, Ivy Chen, is always thinking about what she can make next for the modern women—a woman who is constantly on the go—the travel woman.

Model holding JOLIE handbags.

About Ivy Chen

From an early age, Chen always had an eye for fashion. However, after University she decided to pursue a career in the corporate world. Chen became a young excutive with a hectic lifestyle that allowed her to travel around the world. Chen was constantly on the move and found it challenging to travel with multiple bags and a handle full of personal belongings. Chen was frustrated with the fact that she could not find a bag with specific all-in-one functions. Chen’s passion for fashion, art, design and travel prompted her to leave her job in the corporate world and in 2013, after 2 years of research and design, she launched JOLIE, with her own line of handbags that offered functionality.

Hayley Elsaesser

Accessory table with Hayley Elsaesser designs.
Hayley Elsaesser accessories (taken by Faze writer Kendra McLean).

What is the inspiration for Hayley Elsaesser?

Shaun: Hayley studied and lived in Australia for a year so her designs are all about summer prints as well as fun and easy fabrics so that’s kind of what she tries to bring out in every collection. It’s a really fun clothing line.

About Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser graduated in 2012 from Queensland University of Technology. She is known for her bold and crazy prints and extreme use of bright colours. Her designs feature custom prints with fun shapes that encompass the brand’s design. Hayley was chosen to be one of the 12 designers to show at the national retailer Sportsgirl’s LMFF 2013 National Graduate Runway Show making her debut in the industry.

PR agent Shaun Marq, in his favourite Hayley Elsaesser ensemble.

About Shaun Marq

Marq is the Executive Director of Agence Select. Agence Select is a full service public relations, sales and branding firm. Marq has been a part of the firm for more than 10 years. Agence Select represent luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle clients from Canada, USA, Hong Kong and France.

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