Shawn Desman Is Definitely Back For More

By Sam Thompson


“It’s about different types of relationships,” says Shawn Desman, of his sophomore attempt, Back For More. Two years since his foray into the Canadian world of hip hop, Shawn is back with a pack of killer abs, an interesting Mohawk and a whopping amount of confidence.

“The first album may be about talent, but I believe the second album is all about the abs,” jokes Shawn, ready to take on another round of hectic touring where girls scream asking him to “take it off.”

“Really,” he says getting back to the topic at hand, “it’s not just about love between a guy and a girl but relationships I explore with friends, family, strangers, and people we think who might be friends but change their minds. But I really appreciate the ones who make an effort to keep in touch,” says Shawn of friends he lost touch with when he hit the road.

He misses not being able to see family and friends as much as he’d like to, but coming home to Toronto is something he looks forward to. “I call up my mom and tell her to make my favourite foods (seafood). You get tired of eating the same food on the road and crave some homemade goodness,” says Shawn.

About romantic relationships, Shawn says they suffer the same fate as some of his friendships, “I cannot pay someone the attention they deserve because I am focused on my music, my live performances, and it requires so much time and discipline, and that’s not fair to someone else.”


Photo courtesy of Sony BMG Canada

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