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Shawn Desman Comes ALIVE on Screen

Dreams can come true.


Just ask Shawn Desman who, after over a decade of bringing us contagious, feel-good hits, is ready to release his fourth studio album. He’s conquered it all—from the radio to music videos to nation-wide tours—and now he’s bringing his music to your TV in a movie named after his album Alive.

Scored with songs from his new record, Alive follows the ups and downs of a small town dancer who moves to the big city to pursue her dreams. The main character Liv (played by Kaitlyn Leeb) leaves her friends, family and a loving boyfriend after earning the chance to audition for a coveted spot as Shawn Desman’s backup dancer.

But Alive is so much more than your typical dance movie. “It really shows fans that if you really work hard and follow your dreams you can accomplish them no matter what,” says Kaitlyn.

Fans will be able to dance to recognizable hits like “Nobody Does It Like You” while also being presented with new songs from Shawn’s album.

Shawn Desman and lead actress Kaitlyn Leeb

The familiarity doesn’t end with the music, as viewers were cleverly introduced to Kaitlyn’s character Liv and her boyfriend Matt, in Shawn’s music video for “Dum Da Dum,” the first of many multi-media approaches (like character instagram accounts) to promote Alive.

“We tell a story through multiple different platforms so that before the movie comes out we’re introducing elements of the plot without you even knowing,” says video director RT! about the creative concept.

For Shawn, the movie is one of the many exciting projects he has lined up in the next week. After the release of both the album and movie Alive on February 5, he will be headed on tour starting in Montreal on February 7.
“We’ve had this movie planned since a year ago, and it’s so exciting for fans to finally be able to see it,” Shawn says. “You’re going to be left feeling amazing, inspired and wanting to dance your butt off after it.”

Shawn Desman and lead actress Kaitlyn Leeb

Here’s the run down on Alive

Action: The great choreography creates even greater dance scenes. From a dance class to onstage in front of 20, 000 people, the dancing never stops!

Comedy: There are many ingenious and laughable lines referring to popular dance movies, and Liv’s spunky new friend Kaitlyn (played by Melinda Shankar) provides plenty of comedic relief.

Drama: Liv faces tough competition and rejection, making her doubt her dreams.



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