Something Big Is Happening For Shawn Mendes

Three years ago Shawn Mendes watched Justin Bieber on the MMVA stage as he stood in the crowd. A year ago he released his first single “Life of the Party” and  earlier this year his debut album hit #1 on Canadian and American charts. Yesterday he performed his latest single “Stitches” in front of thousands at the MMVAs. Something big is definitely happening for Shawn Mendes.


This 16-year-old Pickering, Ontario native arrived on the red carpet wearing a casual, yet classic outfit: faded black skinny jeans, a grey tee and a leather jacket.  He wore his hair slightly pushed back finishing off his James Dean-esque ensemble–swoon. Being the sweet and humble guy he is, Shawn Mendes stopped for selfies with the crowd.

Later on in the show, Shawn was awarded the “Fave Fan Video” award winner and thanked the #MendesArmy for voting and racking up around 15 million tweets–that’s hardcore dedication. Faze caught up with this Life Of the Party backstage after his big win to chat about his latest album, his dedicated fans and his ideal first date.


How does it feel to win an MMVA?

It’s crazy! I’m actually on Twitter all of the time and I saw my fans voting like crazy –they racked up 15 million tweets.

How much does that social media support from your fans mean to you?

Everything. It started my career and it’s what’s keeping my career going. They’re kind of what I evolve around.

Are you someone who analyzes your positions on the music charts? Is it important to you?67

Totally. I think that it’s a really good way to see which songs are getting a good reaction and what type of style people like to hear from you, which only helps you in the future.

Being so young, are you going to try to experience school, graduation and experiences like that as well?

Totally. I just went to prom a couple of days ago. My school is very awesome and they’ve let me do everything that a normal student could do. I would love to become a master of my art, the guitar, so I’d love to go to Berkley one day.

What would be your ideal date night?

I think I’m very simple – dinner and maybe a nice walk somewhere? A romantic walk.

This past year with JUNO nominations, an MMVA award and then, of course, having the #1 album in North America–how did all of this feel?

It’s crazy. It’s really a dream come true. As you know, I haven’t been doing this for very long so the success is amazing. I’m doing what I love so it can’t get any better than this. It’s weird to think that three years ago I was in the crowd just watching all of these acts and seeing Justin Bieber on stage, and this year I got to play onstage which is really cool.


If you don’t know who Shawn Mendes is yet, you’re missing out on something big. Currently on tour with Taylor Swift, keep up with this on-the-move Canadian as he performs at a city near you!



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