Rising Star Shawn Mendes Reaches No. 1 On iTunes In Just 37 Minutes


Shawn Mendes has the internet abuzz after he shot to number 1 on iTunes just 37 minutes after releasing his debut EP. The 15 year old started out as a Vine singing sensation and has built up a fan base that could see him become a serious star.

We all know the internet gives us the opportunity to do just about anything in a virtual sphere, from playing online games to streaming live sports matches, but lately it also seems to be the place to discover the hottest rising stars. Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube and Shawn Mendes on Vine, proving that it only takes 6 seconds to get yourself noticed if you have great talent. It was actually a Bieber song that got the fellow Canadian noticed, as Shawn had uploaded a clip of him singing As Long As You Love Me, and by the next morning had over 10,000 likes.

Shawn Mendes

After being spotted on Vine, Shawn was signed by Universal Music Group subsidiary, Island Records. The release his first album has been met with such huge success that he will be touring Canada and the US from the beginning of August with American pop singer Austin Mahone.

When Shawn released his first EP he told his nearly 26,000 fans, who were watching a 30 minute live stream of him performing acoustically from a studio in Dallas, to help him get to number 1. He also urged his Twitter followers to do the same, tweeting “#ShawnToNumber1″. Within 37 minutes of the EP being available on iTunes it had catapulted to the top spot on the iTunes Top Albums chart and the hashtag had become Twitters top trending topic, as Shawn’s more than 1.5 million fans showed their support.

Shawn’s first single “Life of the Party” debuted at number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and if his iTunes success is anything to go by we will be hearing a lot more of this Toronto-born and raised singer in the future.

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