Should More People Invest In Solar Power?

Solar Power
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We are all doing our utmost to be sustainable in little ways, whether it is investing in sustainable companies or becoming more aware of our carbon footprint, but one of the subjects that can potentially divide people is the topic of solar panels. Many people look for the best portable solar panels so they can provide extra energy while they are on the move, but others invest in solar panels to place in their backyard or on their roofs. Should more people invest in solar panels? Here are a few things people will need to consider.

The Practicality

Many people think about a solar panel as being a large lumbering structure that sits on top of their home, and while they’re not wrong, there are ways around this such as the best portable solar panels on the market. In terms of practicality, there are a few concerns, such as the following:

The Cost

Although people are investing in different sizes of solar panels, the average homeowner may believe that they can save a lot of money on their electricity bills instantly, but there’s been a number of misconceptions about solar power over the years. While people used to believe that you cannot get enough energy out of a solar panel, you can get between 4 and 9 kW of power with as little as 10 solar panels. This could cost the homeowner anywhere between $12,000 and $25,000. This can be a big investment upfront, however, you need to look at the long term to see how much money you would save. As the average monthly energy bill in Canada based on 1000 kW usage can be anywhere between $73 in Quebec and $387 in the northwest territory, you can start to see how solar panels could help you in the long run.

The Upkeep

Another practical component to consider is overall maintenance. Opting for the best portable solar panels around means these are easier to look after, but for those who are investing in solar panels to place on their homes, it is possible to minimize upkeep after installing them. Lots of people may be concerned that a solar panel is not very stable. Solar panels can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 mph and when it comes to the overall cleaning, one tip is to tilt them at a 35-degree angle as this will reduce the need for ongoing cleaning.

What to Consider When Investing in Solar Panels

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There are a number of different factors that you can make a considerable impact, and these include the following:


Location is one major factor when you are investing in solar panels. The cost of installing the equipment will vary based on location as well as the amount of sunshine. If you are considering investing in one of the best portable solar panels on the market this means you are more likely to benefit because you can take the solar panel to another location and get more energy. 

However, for those people who believe solar panels are only ideal in hot locations, the reality is that solar panels can function effectively in colder environments just as long as the sun is present. In locations that may not appear to get as much sunlight as the rest of the world such as Canada, the fact is that there are many cold places that have the longest sunlight hours, making it one of the better places to install solar panels.

Does It Provide a Return on Investment?

We’ve already talked about the upfront cost. The location has an impact on how much you would be paying for solar panels but when you are looking to profit beyond the environmental aspects, you would benefit from investing in solar panels because it can help in some of the following ways:

  • It saves on your energy bills, which means that once you have recouped the costs of paying for the solar panels you are going to profit many times over. 
  • It protects against future price rises. Investing in renewable resources means that once you understand how much power you need to help your home function, you don’t need to panic about rate increases from local utility companies. 
  • It improves the value of the property. Many people are now looking to pay top dollar for homes that provide renewable resources like solar panels. There are many ways to increase the value of your property and sustainable practices can make a big difference here. Lots of people insulate their property to ensure they are not paying over the odds for heating their homes. The same thing applies to solar power. It is suggested that installing solar panels can increase the value of a property by around 4% and can increase the value by up to $6,000 per kW of solar panel.

Should People Invest in Solar Panels?

The fact is that while more people are becoming more sustainably minded, it’s not something that has permeated everybody’s consciousness. It is a good idea to be more sustainable in your practices, but you also need to think about the overall investment. The exact amount someone will save will depend on their individual circumstances, but they also might not want to install a solar panel on their roof because of aesthetic reasons. 

An alternative solution here would be to look at the best portable solar panels for your money. But because there are a number of other factors, such as how much energy you use, you need to look long-term. Electricity rates are more than likely going to increase, especially as the costs of the modern world are continuing to rise. On a very simple level, investing in solar panels can make a difference because of the fact that you are taking the first steps to be more sustainable. 

It might be beneficial to think about investing in solar panels as part of a wider sustainable strategy, such as using public transport, growing your own fruit and vegetables, and being more conscious of your carbon footprint.

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