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Do You Think Teachers And Students Should Be Friends?

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions…


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 Do You Think Teachers And Students Should Be Friends?

Amy B., 14
It’s okay to have a fun relationship with teachers. When they befriend you, they are easier to talk to, they understand their students more, and it can even make learning more fun. If they take the friendship too far that is wrong.

Alyssa D., 17
It’s okay to have a teacher trying to be a student’s friend. It makes you enjoy the class more, which allows you to learn more effectively. Also, having friendly teachers makes the task of going to school a lot less painful, since not only are you connecting with your friends sitting next to you, but also the one at the front of the class.

Nicole L., 14
It’s okay for students to be friends with young teachers. Older teachers only talk about when they were our age and about their past, but young teachers talk about stuff that students are interested in, like fashion, sports and music. Cool, young teachers don’t judge what students do on the weekends or after school. They encourage us to have fun.

Katie H.W., 16
I like it when teachers try to be our friends. It makes me care more about the subject, because it seems that the teachers care about you since they know you on a different level. Teachers also try to relate more to you and make school seem more like real life if they are your friends rather than just your professors.
Felix Y., 17
I think teachers being students’ friends is stupid. It’s unprofessional. They can be friendly and they can even try to act like one of the students, but they are our teachers, and as long as I’m a student they shouldn’t try to be a friend.

Lisa M., 17
It’s cool when teachers attempt to be our friends, because it proves that teachers are people too. I would rather learn from someone who I consider more than a talking head at the front of the room. When teachers are your friends, you’re learning from people who you know and respect.

Gloria L., 17
It’s cool that teachers attempt to be students’ friends, as long as it doesn’t get too friendly. I think that it’s great to have a good relationship with everyone, so as long as we are on good terms I am happy.

Ian M., 16
I think it’s creepy when teachers try to be students’ friends. If they begin to know you too well, then it can become awkward in class. There need to be boundaries in a teacher-student relationship.

Kristen W., 18
I think teachers trying to be friends with their students is weird. It shouldn’t be that way; there is always the question of favouritism. You never know if the friendship will compel them to give you a good mark or not.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Think Teachers And Students Should Be Friends?

  1. snazzycanofsnapple

    Not all students are the cracked-down-hardcore-down-to-the-bone-learning types of people. Lots of students require care from a teacher that is down to earth and special; individual and unique. Some students, such as myself, require a good relationship with their teacher in order to do well. Some teachers, though, do not find this necessary.

    1. La La La

      I agree because I am definitely one of those types of students who needs to know that they are loved by a teacher.

  2. Drei Adriano

    I am cool with having teachers as a friend. A teacher-friend, in fact, combines both the guidance of a teacher and the understanding of a friend.

  3. i think teachers are the true friends of their students they help in all things if a teacher be a friend so student can share anything from them and it more be easier for students in study and it will enjoyment for student and techer too.