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Sid Neigum At Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer

sid neigum fashion show

On Wednesday, October 19, 2011, Sid Neigum presented a dark S/S 2012 collection at LG Fashion Week. An evolution of the brand’s unique shapes and silhouettes, Sid’s designs were a mix of avant-garde clubber and Japanese ninja. Models marched down the runway with head-top buns and angular, almost cartoonish, leather appliqué eyebrows crafted by fellow Fashion Collective designer Dwayne Kennedy.

Hits: Sid moved his favourite shade (black) into spring with the addition of ombre prints and gothic teal polka dots. Sid’s ability to evolve and lighten his brand’s aesthetic without resorting to full-on bright hues or color blocking is a testament to both his skill and focused vision.

Just when drop-crotch pants were getting old, Sid revived them with waists that looked like the models had sweaters tied around them. Now there’s a ‘90s fashion trend that’s due for revival sooner or later, and Sid has the high-fashion jump on it.

Instead of accessorizing his collection with the sponsor of the season, Sid created his own clunky wooden wedges to ensure his vision was manifested from head to toe. Complete with rebellious leather straps, these unique clunkers aren’t wearable, but were the perfect artistic finish to Sid’s designs.

Misses: I’ve got nothing. At only 22 years old, Sid is maturing nicely as a designer and appears to have an ironically bright future ahead of him.

sid neigum fashion show

sid neigum fashion show


Photos courtesy of the FDCC

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