Signs Of A Girl Having A Crush On Someone

Being at the beginning of a relationship is probably one of the sweetest feelings. When your relations are yet subtle but already gentle and promising this where things may go a bit tricky. Before making the first step as a guy, you may want to know if a girl is interested in you. In order to spot interest, it is, thus, vital to observe her behaviors and try to identify the signs of a crush she might be showing you subconsciously. In this article, we will discuss these signs and how to discover them.

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Given a natural bias that all people are subject to, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to objectively look at the matters. Since our brains are more likely to think in the way we want them to, spotting the right feeling or emotion can be challenging. Especially, if you are using dating websites like and looking for a new love affair. Whatever the relationship you have, the flirting signs are likely to be the same, so make sure to learn them.

Spotting The Flirting Signs From A Girl: How-to Guide

One of the first things that come to mind when you are thinking of someone having a crush on you is their behavior towards you. Flirt would be the first vivid signal of a person’s interest and therefore should be easily recognizable. Being flirty in many cases equals being playful and testing the waters with different people one may have a crush on. Your task is to identify these signs early enough to be able to take the right action.

couple romance guy girl

To help you better understand the most important flirtatious signs, we have prepared the following list:

  • she jokes with you: in many cases, everything starts with an innocent joke at the bar counter and then rapidly grows into a passionate affair. Sharing the same sense of humor is of substantial importance to building a good and long-lasting relationship and therefore should be considered with special accuracy;
  • she leads an open interaction: whenever the two of you talk to each other, she is always the one with open body gestures. These include having the shoulders directed towards you as well as keeping the arms relaxed and unfolded. Another interesting place for you to look is at her feet. If these are directed towards you, then you have a good chance of getting together;
  • she does not miss an opportunity to touch you: touch is an important indicator of one’s interest. Whether this is a seamless contact with your shoulder or hand, trust us, it matters a lot. If there is an element of shyness on her face in the moment of accidentally tipping your hand, there is no other way but to ask her out.

To crown it all, every relationship starts with a stage of uncertainty and complete frustration as to whether a person likes you or not. Therefore, spotting the first signs of crush is of crucial importance to the more efficient development of your relationship.

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