Canadian Singer Aleesia Can Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow


Songstress Aleesia is winning over Canadians hearts by releasing big radio hits such as “Headlights,” “Bubble Gum” and “Hurt Me.” During our interview, she tells Faze that she was only four years old when she started singing and then began taking vocal lessons four years later.

She is known not only for her beautiful voice, but also for being a competitive dancer for at least a decade now. Aleesia is currently working hard in the studio recording many songs for her upcoming album, always adding more material to perfect the project. After its release, she is expecting to do more club appearances and performances wherever possible.

Although she is both a singer and a dancer, her music career is her first priority. But she will never forget her dancing roots and is presently enrolled in an arts program at university. If it sounds like a busy schedule— it is! But pursuing a dream is never easy, as Aleesia well knows, and others aren’t always encouraging, so it can be hard for some to stay focused.


“There are people out there that wish failure on me more than success, but I am totally cool with it. It’s like that in all of the arts industry,” she says. “It’s worth it when you do what you love.”

Like another one of our All-Stars, Aleesia dreams of one day sharing the stage with Justin Timberlake, as well as Beyoncé and Alicia Keys. On her down time, she loves to spend time with family and friends.

And what keeps this girl on top of her game? “I would say determination, keeping an open-mind and being driven.”

Here’s Aleesia and her hit “Life of the Party” (which she performed at our our Faze Celebration concert)

By Jennifer Joseph

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