Singer Chilla Brings Her Indonesian Charm To North America

Clara Priscilla Chilla Kiana Singer indonesia

Hailing all the way from Indonesia, Clara Priscilla, better known to her fans as Cilla or Chilla (and now Chilla Kiana), is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter-musician working to make her mark in North America and around the world.

Clara Priscilla Chilla Kiana Singer indonesiaWe first spent time with Chilla as the 15-year-old had already won numerous awards as a pianist, and her song “My Indonesia” had instantly become a big hit in her native country. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, Chilla’s first album contains elements of pop rock and dance. “It’s really something that you can have fun to and that you can blast in your car,” she says.

On her passion for music, she tells Faze, “For me, music is just something that you can really be honest [about]. You can just [say] anything through songs.”

When she’s not hard at work writing music or playing the piano, she’s just a normal teen playing with her five (yes, five!) dogs, hanging out with friends (who would best describe her as “crazy” and “loud”) and doing homework.

Her three keys to success? Honesty, hard work and faith.

Chilla performed live in her North American debut at a Faze Magazine concert event, Tomorrow Starts Today, in Toronto along with American super boy band Mindless Behavior and local singer Tyler Medeiros.

Chilla Kiana live at Faze Concert
Chilla performing live at the Faze Concert in Toronto
Chilla Kiana with Mindless Behavior at Faze Concert
Hanging out with the boys of Mindless Behavior backstage at the Faze concert.

Here’s her first home-made video that caught the attention in her home country:

And it wasn’t long before Disney was also charmed! Chilla has been part of the Disney family for a while now, singing Indonesian versions of princess songs for massive Asian audiences!

Here’s Chilla Kiana singing an Indonesian version of The Glow, for Disney’s Rapunzel

Follow the beautiful and talented Chilla on social media at Instagram and Twitter

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