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Sir Richard Branson, Bo Derek Ask Us To Save Our Polar Bears

Before it’s too late…


The legendary Sir Richard Branson made an appearance in Toronto on Tuesday, March 6th to show support for WildAid in its mission to strive for animal advocacy. At a conference moderated by Rob Sinclair, of WildAid Canada, Branson (best known for his Virgin Group of more than 400 companies) was one of the speakers who addressed the ongoing issue of preserving Canada’s threatened polar bear population.

Branson, with his foundation Virgin Unite, was joined on the panel by actress and fellow supporter Bo Derek, who is also a WildAid Board Member. The two joined together to speak on behalf of the organization’s Canadian chapter in its attempt to raise awareness for the cause. They called on the community and businesses to support the greater protection of the polar bears.

Also on the panel were WildAid founder Peter Knights and Dr. William Rapley, who gave remarks on the significance of increasing polar bear protection. As well, the group commended the supporters who are contributing to the preservation of the world’s sharks, through the passing of shark fin bans.


WildAid is an international wildlife conservation organization leading the development of a Polar Bear Protection Act for Ontario, and this spring, it will be tabled in the Ontario legislature.

Ontario is home to approximately 700 to 1,000 polar bears (the southernmost population in the world). These bears are disappearing by about 10% per decade, so unless significant changes are made, they will continue to be on the road to extinction.

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