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Sneak Peek: What’s New At Canada’s Wonderland?

 Have I ever mentioned that I’m afraid of heights?

Canada's Wonderland

I keep saying it to all our team members here at Faze, and yet… I also keep getting”opportunities” to (gulp) face those fears head on. Hang gliding. Cliff jumping. Suspension bridges. Have I proven myself yet?

Apparently not! Soon, I will add one more to that list.

Canada’s Wonderland is about to launch a brand new ride this year called the Windseeker. Yep, that’s it (below), towering above all the other rides in the park (including Behemoth and Drop Zone).

Canada's Wonderland

Windseeker will be taking me (and other riders) up to 301 feet in the air, then will spread out and swing everyone on about a 45 degree angle, reaching speeds of up to 50km/hr. Double gulp.

Okay, so there is definitely a good deal of excitement mixed in with that nervousness. Wonderland is one of my fave summer spots because it allows me to face my fears with tried, tested and true rides that give me the security of being tightly strapped in. And, my incessant screaming provides much entertainment for the friends around me. Also, they have cotton candy. Win-win-win.

This new, five million dollar ride will also be joined this season by Starlight Spectacular: a sound and light experience–dancing fountains, bright colours, 3D effects will surround the iconic Wonder Mountain.

The park opens for weekends May 8 and daily starting May 19. I’ll be sure to report back and let you know how it goes. Can’t wait!

Here’s a quick vid of the ride–and then come check it out for real!

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