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“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 4 Winner Announced

And the winner is…

sytycd-4 winner

It was an intense show of powerful performances as the top six showed us their best one last time on So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

The two-hour finale of dance at its best: three new group numbers (one honouring those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks, ten years ago to the day; one featuring the dance moves of some of the judges–definitely worth checking out online), the judges’ picks for this season’s most memorable routines, a surprise performance by Season Two winner Tara Jean Popowich and Season Three winner Dennis Drozdyuk.


Host Leah Miller and the judges were all adamant that no matter what the results showed, all six hopefuls were winners and had big careers ahead of them. However, only one could be crowned as Canada’s favourite dancer. Who was that lucky one this year?

With the show already two hours and 50 minutes in, the elimination round came in like a lightning bolt and knocked out three dancers right away: Shane, Lindsay and Christian. Left standing were Jordan, Matt and Melissa. Then only Melissa and Jordan (who was dressed all in red, white and blue–maybe a salute to the U.S. Patriot Day?). When Jordan Clark‘s name was called, there came a storm of tears, hugs and an overwhelmed Jordan holding up the cheque for $100,000.

Faze caught up with SYTYCDC host Leah Miller, Season 4  runner-up Melissa Mitro and winner Jordan Clark after the finale to get some advice on how you can be the next SYTYCDC superstar.

Leah: Just practice, practice, practice all styles of dance because it’s not just about one genre on our show—you have to do different styles every week.

Melissa: You just have to believe in yourself, because if you don’t, you won’t have that drive to get better or you won’t have that drive to be good at anything, really. You need confidence in everything, not just dance…So believing in yourself and believing that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish…that’s what I did!

Jordan: Push for your dreams. Anything is possible.

As to what she’s going to do with the $100,000 prize money, Jordan’s not quite sure yet since her win is still sinking in. But she does have an idea of what career path she’d like to pursue: “I’ve done the commercial side of dance and so I think I’ll probably stick with that for now. But I actually want to look into acting and singing as well.”

Look out J.Lo, there’s going to be a new triple threat in town.


Check our SYTYCD backstage gallery from the night!

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