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Ultimate Spa Getaway: Living Water Resort And Aquapath

spa-entrance - Living Water Resort & Spa

If you’re ready to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or you’re planning a girls’ retreat, Living Water Resort & Spa is a must-experience for rejuvenation, relaxation and connecting with your inner peace. Located on the coastline of beautiful Georgian Bay in Cranberry Village, Collingwood, Ontario, The Living Water Resort & Spa is the perfect getaway for any girl looking to de-stress. With a beautiful waterfront restaurant overlooking the marina, scenic bike routes, and a golf course close by, it’s hard to choose where to start. Okay ladies, let’s be real, it’s all about the spa! And this spa is one-of-a-kind, so prepare yourself to be treated like the goddess you know you are.

in-hot-tub Living Water Resort & Spa

What makes this spa so special is its newly expanded 5000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Aquapath facility, which happens to be the only one in Ontario. From the moment you walk in you know you’re in for a treat. Friendly staff direct you to the change rooms, where you get into your bathing suit and wrap yourself in a big, soft, fluffy, white bathrobe (sounds amazing already, right?!).

change-room Living Water Resort & Spa

Then you’ll head to the serene lounge area where refreshing lemon water or hot tea is waiting for you.

lounge Living Water Resort & Spa

Once relaxed (or in my case blissfully dozing off into Feng Shui la-la-land), one of the guides will invite you to begin the Aquapath experience.

You’ll start your journey with the Swiss Showers: the showers use multiple jets and a rain shower head to soak the body and encourage blood circulation. I enjoyed cranking the temperature up and basking in the glorious heat raining down on me!

Step two is the Waterfall Benches. Each waterfall bench offers different water temperatures with varying pressure that ranges from a cool and light, misty spray called Summer Rain (so gentle-like) to a warm shower with powerful sprays called Body Jets (should be called Body BaBamm!!). The different waterfall patterns hit different pressure points on your head and shoulders resulting in a really nice body massage that leaves your skin and muscles nice and tingly.

waterfall-benches Living Water Resort & Spa

Now, here’s one of my favourite parts. The hot tub! Well, technically it’s a detoxifying mineral bath—rejoice ladies, it feels like a hot tub! This station is designed to start the detoxifying process by pulling toxins from the skin while you move around to the different jets. A great reason to stay in extra long wouldn’t you say?

detox hot tub Living Water Resort & Spa

Next up is the Eucalyptus Steam Sauna. Eucalyptus oil is infused into the air to aid in clearing the nasal passages and helps with breathing and decongestion. (Fast facts: Eucalyptus properties also include anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulant, and other medicinal qualities. Nice bonus!) The sauna is also great for relieving tension and reducing pain in sore muscles. This is a must-do after a tough workout, or if you suffer from sleeping issues.

Now for the Glacier Shower…I’ll be honest with you, this one is tough! After coming out of the relaxing hot sauna, the glacier shower will jolt you back to wakefulness as it is designed to quickly bring your body temperature down in order to prevent dehydration and to encourage healthy blood circulation. For a warm-water girl like me, it had me counting down the seconds until I could head over to the next phase, the River Walk (which is thankfully much warmer!).

The River Walk holistically treats the different organs in your body by stimulating their corresponding pressure points located under your feet. By using river stones located at the bottom of the trenches as well as jets that pulse from the sides, the river walk encourages healthy circulation and relieves tension throughout your body. Feels sooo good, you have to do the walk twice!

river-walk Living Water Resort & Spa

At this point you’ve experienced detoxification and circulation treatments, and now you enter the third phase: replenishment. The Replenishing Mineral Bath is somewhat like the first hot tub (warm and amazing!), but instead of detoxifying, you’ll be replenished with key minerals to help rejuvenate your body. You can sit along the benches and enjoy a light massage by the jets while you soak up the minerals and enjoy a refreshing glass of cold water, or sit under the waterfall for a gentle head, neck and shoulder massage. Yes, thank you very much, I’ll do both!

mineral-bath Living Water Resort & Spa

Finally we reach the last phase of our treatment: The Exfoliation Tub. The Himalayan sea salt and citrus exfoliation scrub is to die for: it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling oh-so-delicious! I recommend asking your guide to put aside a bottle (or two) to purchase later because this is one of the few moments you can re-create at home (except you prob won’t have an amazing tub like theirs).

exfoliating-tub Living Water Resort & Spa

Just in case you need me to spell it out, the Aquapath experience is amazing! My body felt refreshed and rejuvenated, my skin was hydrated, silky and soft, and I smelled great!

If you want to take the spa experience to the next level you can also pair it with some of the other treatments they offer: The Moor Mud Wrap and the Papaya-Mango Holistic Exfoliation will leave you with positively glowing skin. Of course, why not go all out and enjoy a mani/pedi as well!

spa-table Living Water Resort & Spa

This is the perfect destination for a personal getaway, a girls’ retreat, a mom-daughter weekend, a special birthday, a grad celebration…basically any excuse to spaaa!

Want more? This is a resort, after all, so they haven’t forgotten about those other essentials of a great getaway: amazing food and an awesome place to stay.

After a long hard day of getting pampered like a princess (queue giggles), the new Lakeside Seafood and Grill is the only waterfront restaurant in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area, and it’s a must. It boasts an earth-to-table menu using only the freshest ingredients available. The Executive Chef Marc Bery has put together an amazing menu for his guests and every dish I tried was absolutely delicious: definitely start with the Lakeside Charcuterie & Cheese Board, which includes house-made jams, preserves and pickles…mmm…cheese.

cheese Living Water Resort & Spa

restaurant Living Water Resort & Spa

And at the end of the day all you want is an amazing room with an outstanding bed…am I right? Well, Cranberry Village doesn’t disappoint. You can enjoy a suite that comes with a cozy fireplace, dining area, kitchen, balcony,…and one of the most comfy beds you’ll ever sleep in! Seriously, the owner hand-picked these beds for their amazing comfy-factor! bedroom Living Water Resort & Spa

living-room Living Water Resort & Spa

logo Living Water Resort & Spa
All that’s left to do…pack your bags!

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