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Sprockets Film Festival Review: “Most Valuable Players”

Hold close your Kleenex boxes and ready your jazz hands—Most Valuable Players is a documentary that will pull on your heartstrings and show you what it really means to be a drama kid.

This documentary, directed by Matthew D. Kallis, focuses on the journey of three high schools and their musical theatre productions from the school stage to the stage of the annual Freddy Awards.

The event, which takes place in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, brings together the performing arts groups of 27 schools and helps to showcase the talent and dedication of young drama students. Akin to the Tony Awards with Superbowl-worthy hype, it’s a big deal.

And it should be. The Arts has always been a struggling department in schools, either with lack of funding or lack of recognition–or both.

The Freddys–broadcasted live on local television (a proud moment for any budding thespian)–awards achievements made in high school musical theatre.

Most Valuable Players is an excellent documentary that shows, through the voices of both teachers and students, that theatre requires just as much teamwork, dedication and passion from each “player” as athletics does. We see the different perspectives and approaches to musical theatre, the trials and tribulations of putting together a production and handling all the competition.

It’s also a real tear-jerker when the students describe how much theatre means to them, as well as the strong friendships created in the process.

Most Valuable Players

Here’s the run down:

Film style: Documentary

What to love: Musical theatre–need we say more?!

Where to watch: Catch a screening of Most Valuable Players on April 16th at the Sprockets Festival


Here’s the trailer for Most Valuable Players

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