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Start the Year Off Right With A Fitness Challenge From NTC

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New Years affords us the perfect opportunity for a definitive start date for planning your next move, on the way to achieving your dreams.

Whether that is with your career, your relationships or your body, setting goals (and sticking to them) is a great way to challenge yourself to take small steps, everyday, to reach that bigger picture of what you want your life to be.

But, it can sometimes be hard to stay on track. Especially when it comes to fitness.

If no one else is monitoring your progress, it can be easy to skip one workout or routine you were planning to do. Then, it becomes a whole week. Then a month. Pretty soon, the pattern disappears and the goal is no longer within your reach.

Don’t let that happen this year!

This week is generally when most people give up on their New Years fitness resolutions. In order to help you stay on track, Nike Training Club (NTC) has updated their App (available for free download) to give you step by step instructions and videos for easy, at-home workouts, as well as ways to keep track of your progress.

They are now completely customizable, so if you want to take out a specific exercise and substitute another, you can!

NTC is challenging women to try one workout every day this week, choosing one according to your personal fitness goals: get lean, get toned, get strong or get focused (and then beginner, intermediate or advanced in each area). Share your progress through the NTC community and get extra motivation from others online.

Also, if you live in and around the Toronto area, you can check out the NTC Facebook page and post the comment, “Count me in,” in order to get an invite to their free, live NTC workout at the Sound Academy in Toronto this upcoming Saturday, January 25 with NTC Master Trainer Eva Redpath. Plus, those who earn the most fuel on their Nike FuelBand will get the opportunity to have brunch with Eva at the VIP table after the workout.

Nike NTC Week

Check back here in a week for my review of the week–I’ll be training right along with you, so have fun and keep me updated!

Read more about NTC.

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