Statistics That Highlight The Rise Of Mobile Gaming

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Alongside smashing any health and fitness aims and nailing work-related goals, most of us recuperate with some entertainment. For many people in 2022, mobile gaming is the perfect option when switching off is required. In fact, the rise of mobile gaming has been impossible to ignore, with more and more of us accessing an array of games on our handheld devices.

While PC and console gaming platforms also appeal, smartphone gaming’s rise up the entertainment ranks has been credited to a number of factors that simply aren’t on offer with a PC or a console gaming platform. For starters, mobile gaming is convenient and can be accessed anywhere as and when it suits a gamer. There are plenty of other factors behind mobile gaming’s growth, though, which we will elaborate on as we highlight some notable statistics that further highlight the rise of this dramatically improved gaming option.

Mobile gaming has overtaken PC and console

According to Newzoo, mobile gaming has seen double-digit growth for 10 years. From 2018 onwards, in particular, smartphone gaming has risen to prominence, bringing in $70.3 billion in revenue in 2018 alone. In comparison, PC games saw a revenue of $32.9 billion, and console games saw a revenue of $34.9 billion. As such, mobile gaming is now the leading gaming option, with the number of mobile gamers expected to grow further in the future, particularly as smartphone innovation shows no sign of slowing down.

Players downloaded 82.98 billion mobile games in 2021

As research by AppAnnie found, mobile gamers downloaded an astonishing 82.98 billion mobile games in 2021. The dramatically improved games landscape has certainly led to more and more of us turning to our smartphone devices for a gaming session. Options such as PUBG Mobile are extremely popular, alongside products away from the App Store and Google Play, such as the Norse-themed Thunderstruck Wild Lightning game. There is a comprehensive selection of games to choose from, though, with all of them being dramatically improved with mobile gaming accessories and the like also. In terms of its overall package, smartphone gaming has never been so good.

55% of mobile gamers are female, 45% are male

After conducting extensive research, Statista found that 55% of mobile gamers are female and 45% are male, which is perhaps bucking the trend somewhat. The convenience and portability factor of smartphone gaming certainly opens it up to a range of different target audiences. In fact, if you have a smartphone, then you gain immediate access to a range of excellent titles. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or how old you are; there is most definitely a product out there for you.

More than 50% of mobile gamers are older than 34

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While other gaming options are generally aimed at younger audiences and typically enjoyed by that type of demographic, mobile gaming is for everyone. This is perhaps further evidenced by research from Mediakix, which suggests that more than 50% of mobile gamers are older than 34. Perhaps put off by the price and the dedication required for a console gaming session, gamers older than 34 are pulled in by the more casual and more affordable gaming package on offer.

More than 50% of gamers play mobile games while in the bathroom

According to Mediakix, most of us play mobile games while we’re in the bathroom. Mobile phones generally accompany us throughout the day, whether it’s to send messages on WhatsApp or to post social media updates, but now more of us are utilizing the gaming benefits of our miniature handheld devices – even while we’re in the bathroom!

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