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You Can Stay On Trend Even When You’re Pregnant! 8 Fashionable Maternity Styles


Gone are the days when expectant mothers used to wear baggy or loose clothes. Sure, they were comfortable, but they were not exactly stylish. Things are changing now. Expectant women wear not only comfortable clothes but also stylish and on-trend clothes. For instance, kaftans are in trend and as stylish as they are comfortable. As a woman growing a baby inside you, you need clothes that do not restrict your movements. At the same time, they look super chic and stylish. Finding cute, impeccable, and ideal clothes for pregnancy is not easy. Though this blog will help, it will list a few best articles for all expectant women. They are sexy, stylish, comfy, breathable, and much more.

Strapless maxi dress

Want to look chic, stylish, and just perfect for a party? Or maybe your pregnancy photoshoot? Then buy a strapless maxi dress for the occasion. Maybe you already have one in your wardrobe that still fits you. An ethereal strapless dress in bold colors with a sweet neckline is an effortless way to dress up. You will need no other dress with this dress and your pregnancy glow.


Going to the beach or a pool house? Then you need sexy and comfy swimwear. Swimming is one of the best exercises for pregnant women. It keeps them active, and being in the water is not as sweaty as other workouts. To look chic and feel at ease, buy maternity swimwear. There are so many options; for instance, you can get a two-piece or buy a one-piece that covers your baby bump and looks super cute.

Breezy and flowy maternity dresses

Look uber stylish, and feel comfortable and light with maternity dresses. A breezy and flowy maternity dress is incredibly ideal when you are pregnant. It accentuates your figure without giving too much prominence to your baby bump. Always pair them with sneakers for comfort and a cute style.

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A pencil skirt paired with a turtleneck top

You do not want to wear anything too fitted when pregnant. Right? You don’t have to, but you can still wear skirts. A pencil skirt covers your entire bump so it doesn’t feel tight or suffocating. Pair your pencil skirt with a turtleneck for brunch, office parties, or any festive occasion. It will undoubtedly spruce up the outfit. Moreover, you can also pair it with normal T-shirts, which fit you well without suffocating you. Match it with incredible earrings and shoes (ballerinas are an idea) to complete the look.


A favorite choice for many expectant mothers is a kaftan. It is a type of dress that can cover your entire body or your knees. You can also buy a kaftan cover for your swimwear. In all three cases, it is super chic and comfortable to wear. Check out Kareena Kapoor Khan’s maternity wardrobe; you will see her slaying kaftans all day. These are ideal for work, family dinners, and even a day out with your girls.

Maternity pants/jeans

Do you have a soft spot for jeans? Do you worry that your growing belly will not allow you to wear them? Then do not! Just buy three or four styles of maternity jeans or pants to last all three trimesters. They have a belly waistband, so they don’t feel tight on the belly. They come in many styles, like skinny, boot cut, cropped, and full-length. You can pair them with regular T-shirts, crop tops, or anything else you like, according to the occasion. Wear it while going to the office, doing yoga, or running errands.

Floral dresses, which are asymmetrical

If you work through all three trimesters, buy asymmetrical floral dresses. These bodycon dresses slay and are comfortable too. They will light up against the growing belly and keep you happy as you grind through the day.


Yes, this fashion trend is coming back. Wearing jumpsuits while pregnant is cute and gorgeous. It is comfy too. So, do not worry about that. Pair it with super-stylish tops and experiment.


If you are an expectant mother, you will never compromise your comfort. Right? But you also want to look stylish and chic. Fortunately, the above options for all scenarios provide just that.

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