Stellina, Straight Outta Hamilton

R&B sensation Stellina gives us a some answers!


We sat down recently and asked Stellina to fill in a few of the blanks for us. The fun, personable singer was happy to play along.

Birth date: October 15, 1989

Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario

First job: Working as a receptionist at a spa

Favourite subject: Science

Favourite food: Pasta

Fave colour: Red or orange

Pet peeve: Unpainted toenails

Favourite album: “Anything by Usher. I love Confessions, 8701 and Usher. I love them all.”

Fave female artist: Beyoncé

What can we expect from her debut album (dropping this summer): “A lot of emotion. Me growing up; becoming a woman. Girl fights, guy fights. Crying over boys. Me being me.”


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