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Movie Review: Step Up All In

In the fifth installment of the Step Up series, Sean (Ryan Guzman) is back with his crew, Mob, in Los Angeles. Unfortunately they’re struggling to book gigs and make money to pay the rent so his crew departs.


Alone and hungry for success Sean stays in L.A while his crew heads back to Miami. He comes across a promo website for The Vortex which is a huge dance competition in Las Vegas, hosted by popstar, Alexxa Brava (Izabella Miko). The prize? A three-year performing contract at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. He needs this.

To put together a new crew, Sean enlists the help of my favourite, Moose (Adam Sevani), who then approaches Andie (Briana Evigan) and followed by them, we see a comeback from Jenny (Mari Koda), Monster (Luis ‘Luigi’ Rosado), the Santiago twins (Marin and Marcos Santiago) and many more from the past few movies (too bad Channing Tatum doesn’t make an appearance this time!). They call themselves LMNTRIX and fiercely battle it out with their biggest competition – The Grim Knights. Can they step it up this time? It’s all or nothing.

Step Up All In

Here’s the run down on Step Up All In:

Choreography: One word – Perfection. Killer moves, killer choreographer, and killer
synchronisation between all of the dancers.

Music: Let’s just say, I’ll be downloading their entire soundtrack very soon, and I’m sure all viewers will too. It won’t be too hard creating a playlist for my next party now.

Story: Simple but good. The reality and romance that was shown definitely did not over power the main focus of dance which makes Step Up All In and overall great movie and highly underrated.

Step Up All In

So grab some popcorn and get ready for some dance #inspo with Step Up All In.

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