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“Step Up Revolution” Takes Dance Movies Up A Step Or Two


One step can change your world.

In the latest film in the Step Up series, Step Up Revolution, aspiring dancer Emily (Kathryn McCormick) moves to Miami to pursue a professional career and fulfill her dreams. She soon meets Sean (Ryan Guzman), leader of the dance crew known as The Mob. The two quickly fall for each other as she teams up with the group to protest against a wealthy business man who is threatening to tear down Sean’s historic neighbourhood and displace thousands of people. They turn their focus from performance art into protest art as they work together to fight for those who do not have a voice.

Will their art be enough to save the historic neighbourhood? Will people appreciate their protest art or shrug it off as just a nuisance?

Step Up Revolution Step Up Revolution

Here’s the run down on Step Up Revolution:

Action: This made-for-3D film is exciting to watch and full of new tricks–including trampolines and stilts–and highlights the rapidly growing international fad of flash mobs. The dancing in this movie will blow your mind, even more so in RealD.

Drama: Sean must decide between keeping a secret for the girl he loves, or sharing it with his best friends and crew. Keeping this balance between his two loves keeps things interesting.

Dance: The focus of this movie is, without a doubt, the dancing. Dancers such as Katherine McCormick are becoming household names and this movie brings together cast members from the previous three Step Up movies at one point; dance as a global phenomenon is being rocketed to stardom along with all of these talented performers.

STEP UP REVOLUTION is now available on Blu-ray and DVD


Bonus features include
-music videos
-a flash mob index (where you can watch all the major dance numbers)
-deleted scenes
-commentary with the cast and director
-4 featurettes (my fave: “Dancing on their own” which include clips of all the dancers in the movie freestyling and showing of their own dance moves in what they call “the art of killing time” while on set)

Check it out!

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