Steps You Need To Take When Looking For A Locum Tenens Job

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Locum jobs (or non-permanent positions) are slowly becoming more common as time goes by. Most physicians are now opting to be temporary workers rather than to be fully committed to one facility.

Locum jobs give you the freedom and flexibility to choose your preferred working hours and location. This type of job is advantageous because locum tenens doctors earn more than their full-time employed peers.

To avoid workplace politics and the pressure of being a permanent employee, you can always opt for temporary assignments. The following are steps one can follow to secure a locum tenens dentists opportunity.

1. Contact a Locum Tenens Agency

When looking for a locum job opportunity, the first step to make is to contact an agency. Whether you heard about an opportunity through a friend or colleague, you have to apply for it through an agency. Contact the agency by emailing or directly calling a recruiter.

After that, your recruiter asks you questions for them to understand where they can place you. The recruiter asks whether you want full-time assignments or whether you are already fully employed somewhere else and need weekend duties to boost your income.

They also ask what roles you would like to perform, locations of your preference, and your desired working hours. It helps them come up with a schedule that works for you.

Your staffing agency recruiter needs to know you because different locum tenens providers have other preferences. Some only want weekend calls or work for a week, while others wish to work for months of assignments before they take a break.

Agencies are essential as they take care of certain aspects, such as negotiating contracts with hospitals on your behalf, arranging transportation and housing, and more.

2. Fill Out an Online Application

After narrowing down your selections on the job type and location, you can apply for the job. A good recruiter finds jobs that meet your requirements. A first-timer has to fill out an online application.  The application includes your educational background, work history, residency, certifications, and licenses. The application process is long and tiring.

Before making an application, ensure you have all the necessary documentation to make the process easier. Have all your certifications, work history, references, and other required information.

To save time, always submit your applications even before you are confirmed for an assignment. Only after filling the online application can your agency now begin the licensing and credentialing process. See more here

#3. Licensing and Credentialing Process

Work together with your agency to have your licenses and credentials verified. Since your staffing agency covers your malpractice insurance, they have to verify all your credentials thoroughly. It helps them confirm that you can perform the skills and roles offered to you. This process may take up to 30 days.

Work with your agency by responding to all the required questions and providing references. Once the process is done, the credentials can last you two years without any verification needed.

Meanwhile, all you will have to do is update your work history. Credentialing helps you secure hospital privileges if they are required for your assignment.

4. Obtain a State License

You must have an active license before working in any state. Most agencies have their members in all states to work and understand the processes from the different states’ licensing boards.

Depending on the state, you can either apply online or through a paper application from your agency. Work with your agency’s licensing team to secure a state license before you are confirmed for your locum job.

5. Begin your Assignment

Once the credentialing and application process is taken care of, you stay in touch with your recruiter until you get hired. It is necessary to keep in touch even throughout the working time.

Your company works with the hospital hiring you for your services to cater to your transportation costs, whether by flight, rental car, or car. They also secure a house or hotel when at work.

If the job lasts for a few weeks or a month, you will likely be set up in a hotel. If it lasts for months, then an apartment is secured for you. Click here to read more.



Although a locum tenens job is associated with many benefits, it is not for everybody. It is best for a person who quickly adapts to a new environment and is a fast learner.

You should be ready to learn new EMR systems from different hospitals and be comfortable traveling around. With these jobs, you should be prepared to consider your family because opportunities arise in other states or regions with a range of work periods.

To have a great locum tenens experience, carefully choose a recruiter who can guide and counsel you on this career path. Follow the steps discussed above to become a locum tenens provider and achieve your goals.

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