Straight Talk About Your Teeth

Which is worse: crooked teeth or unkissable brace-face?


It’s hard to decide which is worse—crooked teeth or being rejected as an unkissable metal-mouthed brace-face. Fortunately, for the growing number of people looking to orthodontic treatment to straighten and realign teeth, the options are expanding beyond the stainless steel brackets of classic train tracks.

braces teethIf you’re thinking about braces, you may want to consider a few of these options.

Ceramic brackets are stuck to your teeth and threaded with wire in the same way as traditional braces, however, their translucence means they blend better into your mouth. You can see the wire, but the glint of metal on your teeth is kept to a minimum.

Gold plating on conventional brackets is another option. This surprisingly versatile look allows you to go both ghetto fabulous and sorority girl gorgeous. The warm colour suits some complexions better than silver.

Lingual brackets are just like regular braces, but are placed on the inside of the teeth, where they cannot be seen. These braces do have an unhappy tendency to rub against your tongue, and are harder for dentists to work with, however, they are completely invisible from the front.

Of course, traditional stainless steel braces can always be transformed by coloured bands, which are used to hold the arch wire. These can be changed as often as you visit your orthodontist and lets you play decorator with your face—from team colours to camouflaging your favourite food.

But keep in mind; no amount of special equipment or picture perfection replaces the beauty of a self-confident grin.

Sweet Smiles…

braces teethwith some help from their dentist

Drew Barrymore
Bow Wow
Chelsea Clinton
Tom Cruise
Claire Danes
Cameron Diaz
Prince Harry
Milla Jovovich
Ashley Judd
Chris Kirkpatrick
Britney Spears
Gwen Stefani
Liv Tyler
Venus Williams
and thousands more!

Whether you’re looking for a new dentist in Calgary or Toronto or in your small town of 500, it’s great to get some feedback from former or current clients. Look online for reviews if you don’t know anyone directly. 

For more information visit: Canadian Association of Orthodontists

Written for Faze by Frances Devine

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