Stress Management Matters Now More Than Ever

The world has slowed down. In recent weeks as the coronavirus has begun to tear its way through the world’s population, vast swathes of the international workforce are on lockdown. We’re still working. But the pace of living has slowed tremendously. Streets that were once teeming are deserted even during rush hour. Busy roads that were shrouded with smog are now clean and clear. Still, even though we’ve had to take ourselves out of the rat race, we’re still stressed. Many of us are without the means to provide for ourselves and our families. We’re worried about money and the future, whatever steps the government has taken to protect our jobs. Even those lucky enough to still be able to work are struggling with the challenges of remaining productive at home.
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And if we’re stressed, that’s not going to do our immune systems any favours. So, how do we mitigate stress at a time when all the world seems to be coming apart at the seams. Here are some important steps that we should all take in this uncertain time.

Downtime matters

One of the problems with working from home is that you’re always at work. As such, iot can be difficult to enjoy your downtime. You get that nagging sensation that there’s something more you could and should be doing, even after the working day is done.

Make sure you schedule relaxing activities to enjoy in your free time. Whether it’s cooking with your loved ones, watching a movie, playing a wholesome video game or snuggling up on the sofa with a good book and a huge mug of coffee. There are no wrong answers. Just make sure your mind is occupied so you can draw a line between work and play at home.

Consider herbal supplements

In these anxious times, stress can be hard to manage by cognitive behavioural therapy alone. Especially if you have preexisting issues with anxiety. If you feel like you need a helping hand, but know how busy your healthcare providers are at this difficult time, there are a number of natural herbal supplements known to combat stress and anxiety from chamomile and lavender to cbd oil. Plants are amazing, and their healing and restorative properties are more important than ever in helping us manage our stress and stave off cabin fever. Whether you vape them in oil or sip them in tea, they can take the edge off your stress and help make life in this uncertain moment more pleasurable.

Get outside

Even if you live in a country or province that’s on lockdown, its likely that you’re still able to venture out at least once a day to exercise. This might mean a walk, a run or a bike ride. It’s so important that you make time to venture outdoors (while practicing social distancing, of course). Access to fresh air, natural light, trees and plants can be a tonic for stress levels. Especially with so few people on the streets at the moment.


Work out from home

Finally, the gyms are closed, but that doesn’t mean that your muscles are condemned to atrophy and your waistline doomed to expansion! Whether you’re looking for yoga, bodyweight workouts or calisthenics you can find all kinds of workouts on YouTube. Working out from home takes some getting used to, but it’s a great way to work off the stress of the day and keep your brain floating on a cloud of endorphins.

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