Strobing: The Everyday Girl’s Solution To Contouring

Contouring is so 2014.

If you’re a person who wears makeup and has been to a beauty counter in the past two years, you probably know what contouring is, but I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Favoured by the Kardashian/Jenner clan, contouring is the application of bronzer onto a face’s angles—like cheekbones, nose, and chin—to create the appearance of more defined facial features. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me (and Amy Schumer) then you also know the struggles of perfectly contouring your face so that you’re not left with dark, light and pink marks all over.


Luckily there is an easier way: strobing.

While contouring has been HUGE in the beauty world lately, strobing is set to take over. Instead of using a contouring product to create depth and a highlighter to illuminate, strobing skips the contour part all together and is all about the highlighting. This technique creates a more relaxed and natural looking glow, rather than sharp and harsh contours.

The best part is that you don’t have to stand in Sephora for hours, wondering what “half a shade darker than your skin tone” is supposed to look like. Strobing only takes one key product to do it right, and you probably already have it in your makeup bag: a really great highlighter.


Kendall has moved on to strobing. Kylie is sticking to the Kardashian classic way of contouring.

How do I get the look?

Start with a moisturized face. Try mixing a bit of luminizer with your foundation, or look for a foundation that already has a dewy finish. Avoid anything that is matte. Then use a highlighter to enhance the areas where light naturally hits your face; including your temples, cheekbones, and bridge of your nose. Avoid your forehead if you’re concerned about looking oily.

What products should I use for strobing makeup?

You can use the highlighters you already have in your makeup bag or the lighter shades in your contouring palette. A champagne colour works well on fairer skin, while golds look great on darker complexions. Look for products with a subtle shimmer and throw out anything you have with glitter chunks, immediately.

How do I do it?


Want to see it tested? YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials takes strobing to the test and breaks down where and how to highlight for a dewy glow.

Contouring may not be for everyone and it’s most definitely not ideal for an everyday look. So get on the strobing bandwagon to achieve a natural, youthful glow!

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