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Tips For Students: Partying Large And Saving Money

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Oh Yes, It’s Student’s Night And The Budget’s Tight…

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Most students will have been advised nights in are a great way of ensuring a fulfilling social life despite restricted funds. Regardless, most will find themselves enjoying a drink in bars and at student club nights more often than their budget allows.

To inspire you to have more cost-effective nights in during your time at university, the following compares the costs involved in a typical night partying in, with that of a night partying out. How much money can be saved exactly? And what other benefits do nights in offer students?

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A student night in: the costs and benefits

Stocking up on bevvies: While a drink in a typical Canadian bar generally costs $5 to $8, store-bought equivalents (wine, beer, spirits) will generally come in at around $1.50 to $2 each.  This means a drink in town can cost almost 3-4 times more than one consumed at home!

Even the cheapest student bars/club nights seldom offer drinks for less than C$3 (and often, an entry fee is also charged), and so it is almost always cheaper to shop-buy drinks for home consumption.

Ordering takeout: A big night out often begins or ends with a restaurant visit, in order to satisfy hunger. Ordering takeout is often a better value option however, since you and your buddies will not have to pay for table service and/or a tip, yet you’ll get to eat the same delicious foods.

If you happen to be a student who is forever mislaying the menus for local takeout eateries, you should consider using Simply entering your postal code on the homepage will reveal the restaurants currently delivering in your area. You can choose to pay by debit/credit card, or simply pay cash when your order arrives.

While the website can be utilised to order multiple takeout cuisine types, pizza is usually the best option when it comes to low cost – yet filling – takeout meals. Even better; pizza can be munched directly from the box, meaning no washing up is required afterwards!

(R)entertainment: Home entertainment will not only see you avoid expensive club and/or cinema entry fees, but more often than not such can be completely free! Many students have online movie library accounts, effectively meaning movies can be watched in HD with no charge (aside from the monthly subscription fee, of course). Alternatively, those without web access can rent a DVD from a local vendor for C$5 or less!

Watching a movie isn’t suitable when you and your guests are in the mood to party though – playing DJ at home means you won’t have to put up with overplayed floor-fillers.

Student Night In vs. Night Out: Cost Comparison

TOTAL COST: C$60, or just C$15.00 per person, should the cost of the following be split between four friends.

  • Party drinks for four: C$30
  • Two takeout pizzas: C$25
  • DVD movie rental (local rental outlet): C$5

TOTAL COST: C$69.00 (approx. per person)

  • Average restaurant meal: C$18
  • 4 drinks at a club (ave. C$6.50 each): C$26.00
  • Entry fee for a leading Ottawa nightclub: C$15
  • Taxi home: C$10

The best choice for students on a tight budget is obvious!


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