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Summer Style Trends With Alissia Marciano

Finding style inspiration for the coming summer — with a little help from fashion contributor Alissia Marciano.

Alissia Marciano

The warm weather is coming, and with the sun and sunnier vacations come a whole new fashion discovery for summer. Style is all about having fun while expressing your amazing personality—which, for me personally, is a lot easier to do without a Canadian winter parka to worry about!

In celebration of the upcoming summer season and the shedding of winter clothes everywhere, Faze interviewed famed stylist Alissia Marciano, who works as a fashion contributor at (you might have also seen her on the show Look-A-Like). To help with your summer wardrobe, we got Alissia’s take on what’s hot, what’s not and where to shop for the season.

FAZE: What are some upcoming hot fashion trends?

ALISSIA MARCIANO: This summer, get ready for the revival of gingham which will provide fashion with a 1950’s flare. Also, we will see some fun “pattern on pattern” combinations. This season, we are not limited to florals! Sporty, almost androgynous, influences are creeping their way into the forefront of fashion this summer (see Proenza Schouler and Topshop Unique).
Colours this season range from a muted, almost pastel palette (see Marc Jacobs) to a vibrant bold statement (see Derek Lam). Choose what fits your personality or mood of the day!

Victoira Beckham

FAZE: What’s on the “not hot” list?

ALISSIA: The 80’s severe shoulder line is softening this season.

FAZE: Sorry Victoria! LOL
What are some cool ways that teens can incorporate the fashion of the runway?

ALISSIA: Being a teen girl is one of the most fabulous things out there. Don’t roll your eyes; it may seem like this is the toughest time of your life, but keep your chin up because you have a whole world of fashion to explore! You are at the age when you are starting to define yourself. I know it may be scary for many of you but, please embrace it and have fun with it! What better way to express your personality than through the way you dress.
One trend that we are seeing is sheer fabrics and lingerie inspired silhouettes. If you’re really diggin’ this trend, layering is a great way to pull off this look. Layer camisole-inspired dresses over thin cotton t-shirts (Kain is one of my favs along with Alexander Wang). For day, stick to flat canvas runners or strappy band sandals. For other options, slip on wedge sandals or clogs for the evening.

Beba's Closet

FAZE: What’s a great outfit for a night out with the girls?

ALISSIA: I love to mix a feminine touch with a hint of tomboy. For a cute girls night out outfit, find apastel floral pattern dress with surface interest. Marc Jacobs has some really flirty examples of ruffles randomly sewn onto his dresses and blouses. Also, find a vintage military jacket. Now you may need to take the jacket to the tailor and have it cropped at the waist and tailored in. Remember, fit is important. Grab a pair of grey Bensimon slip-ons and paint your lips fuchsia and you’re good to go!

FAZE: What is the “must-have” item for this summer?

ALISSIA: Get a pair of clogs. Fashionistas and celebrities have been spotted wearing them: see Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kylie Minogue and SJP. Check out

Maggie Gyllenhaal


Alissia MarcianoMORE FROM ALISSIA:

I am the Fashionista-at-Large and contributor for I conduct fashion and style-related interviews and offer trend advice in my monthly column, “Saving the World One Dress at a Time.” We are also launching video blogs soon! is a great fashion site for teens because it provides you with the tools to look stylish and stay social by connecting with other fashion-loving friends. The site is updated daily with new deals and merchandise from stores across Canada. Visitors to the site can follow their favourite stores to stay in the loop about the latest fashion finds….the best part is you can share these amazing deals with your friends! Even better, it’s free and easy to join!

Alissia Marciano Look-a-Like

By the way, Alissia Marciano was also the stylist on one of our favourite show, Look-A-Like, part of a team that included Faze photoshoot and event regulars Richard Sibbald (photography) and Paul Venoit (hair/makeup).

Photos of Alissia courtesy of Richard Sibbald.

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