T.I. Takes Control Of It All

Rapper T.I.

Atlanta-based rapper T.I. (formerly known as T.I.P.—the “P” was dropped as a sign of respect for another rapper) has finally released his latest CD, T.I. vs T.I.P. Not only has his name changed over the years but so has the man himself. T.I. is new and improved. He’s taken control of this album and his life. His changes are reflected in his music, although it seems as though he is his largest obstacle.

While T.I. has always been considered “hot” in the hip hop world, he lives by his mantra: “being hot comes from the inside.” He explains, “You aren’t born hot. It doesn’t come naturally. You have to work hard to be hot because someone is always going to be hotter than you.”

Here’s the happy tune Tell Em I Said

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