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Take Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level With Bold Colours

bullet journal colours

The bullet journal! It’s been growing in popularity for a few years now, and is an interesting step back into the analog world of pen and paper in our connected digital world. Yes, there are numerous daily planning systems and apps for your computer or smartphone, but there remains something innately satisfying about working with a physical notebook. As so much of our lives are being brought into that small handheld screen, planning our lives, down to the days and even hours, deserves it’s own space: the journal. And what would a journal be without lots of colour to bring it to life?!

In a nutshell, bullet journals are handwritten in a notebook, and bring as many aspects of life as you choose into its pages. From big picture goal planning, to reading lists, to meal planning, to random thoughts you think of during the day, the bullet journal can be a place for it all.

bullet journal crayola colours

Journaling has been found to have many benefits for the modern mind overstimulated by the virtual tornado of digital content that surrounds us. Many people find sitting down and working in the journal is actually a relaxing, stress-busting exercise in itself. Writing has been shown in many studies to improve everything from memory, immune systems and blood pressure. Also it is an effective way to stimulate and capture creativity and those great ideas that may eventually help guide your life somewhere truly new and exciting.

Ryan Carroll, the founder of the bullet journal system, started sharing his technique in 2013. Since then fans of the system (and many truly swear by it) have been customizing and making the system their own beyond the basic principles.

bullet journal crayola colours

One of the best ways to make the process fun, satisfying and at the same time more effective is through the use of colour: colour coding different types of task, or using a particular colour for important notes, or for snippets of poetry or song lyrics you come up with.

Colour makes the journal easier to read, navigate and helps you quickly jump to the information you’re looking for. It can also let your creativity bloom as you add doodles and little bits of art whenever you’re in the mood, and it will probably make you a little happier too!

Crayola has recently released a really great collection of coloured writing tools that will help you take your bullet journal game to the next level. The Crayola Take Note! collection includes some awesome gel pens (that are washable), felt tip pens, and erasable highlighters. Our favourite colour tool for aspiring journal-ists are Crayola’s double-ended highlighter pens (pen on one end, highlight on the other), in six bold hues.

Crayola Take Note Double ended pen-highlighter

Here ‘s a quick look at the highlighter pens in action.

In addition to the coloured pens and highlighters, the Crayola Take Note! collection also includes chisel tip and fine line Dry-Erase markers for your white board, which can make a great visual compliment to your bullet journal system, with inspirational quotes, major goals or tasks prominently displayed for additional motivation.

Finally, the Take Note! lineup has a beautiful set of permanent markers in 24 bold, vibrant colours. These permanent markers are designed to adhere perfectly to a most surfaces from plastic, wood and metal to fabric and canvas. Think about getting artistic and customizing shoes, jeans, water bottles, backpacks, cellphone case. And, of course, your own bullet journal!

Crayola Permanent Markers Take Note!

Here ‘s a quick look at the permanent markers in action.

For those of you who are new to bullet journals and want to find out more, a great place to start is the website run by the system’s founder, Ryan Carroll. He has some great resources set up over at

And here’s a starter video to give you an overview:

The complete Take Note! lineup of bold colours includes:

  • Dry-Erase Chisel Tip Markers
  • Dry-Erase Fine Line Markers
  • Washable Gel Pens
  • Dual-ended Highlighter Pens
  • Erasable Highlighters
  • Permanent Markers
  • Washable Felt Tip Pens

Available now in Canada at Walmart, Staples,, Loblaws, Toys R US as well as Crayola Canada online.

Check out the entire collection at Crayola Canada

Share or follow creative uses of the collection on social media with the hashtags #goforthebold and #sayitboldly and check out more colourful inspiration with Crayola on Instagram and Twitter.


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This post has been produced in partnership with Crayola Canada.

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