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5 Tips To Take Instagram-worthy Interior Pics For Your Home Décor Blog

home decor photography

Instagram has become a whole new universe with exciting photos, videos, information, and is every bit the bloggers’ paradise.

When you have the means, why not show off your refined taste in home décor on Instagram that you’ve been contemplating for so long?

Remember, posting attractive pictures is the first step to focus attention on your home décor blog. For example, you may have really good information to share about the benefits of dual window shades for the bedroom. But if there is no proper photo to post, then your efforts will be in vain.

However, we shall not let that happen – you too can take beautiful photos like the pro bloggers. Here are five vital tips to help you get started.

1. Lighting

If you are planning to shoot, choose the timing carefully. Most photographers will tell you that mid-morning and mid-afternoon are suitable times to click your home décor photos. The natural bright light makes the pictures vibrant and warm. Natural light can do wonders. Try it to believe it! Keeping the artificial light on will make your image white, and the washed-out glare in the picture will make it less appealing.

2. Symmetry is brilliant

Symmetry makes or breaks the natural allure of an image. Direct shots often add to the visual appeal of an image. You might come across photographers that love side-angle photos, but they don’t always work. If you want to add bright hues to your home décor pictures, do it! The brilliant hues and exciting palette catch the attention of audiences. Frame your picture with interesting items, like a hand, a hat, a scarf, wallpics or whatever you deem suitable.. It adds to the overall appeal of the picture. To break the monotony, you can add vibrant colors like gold or orange when the home décor entirely consists of muted tones. The idea is to draw attention.

3. Intention

Before clicking pictures, you should have a clear picture of why you are shooting, your perspective, and ensure that the space is well-organized. You want people to look at the natural beauty of your home. You don’t want things to feel like it has been staged. Yes, put in your thoughts before clicking, and analyze how people might feel about it.

home decor photography

4. Cohesive pictures

A coherent series of photos will be more appreciated than an incoherent one. So, before posting, be sure that you organize the pictures systematically.

5. Editing

If this step goes wrong, the whole appeal of the picture will wash down the drain. So, before finalizing filters, be a hundred percent sure whether you like them or not. It is best to keep a more natural look. Subtle filters provide a natural glow that looks and feels real. Sharpen the photos, increase the exposure, adjust the warmth wherever necessary. But, do it only if your picture needs it, otherwise leave it natural.

home decor photography

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